Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lemuria - Quezon City Review

Last April 25, 2014, R and I had a fancy date since we missed it. Due to how life settled in at us, we have been staying home more often than the times we go out. [Signs of old age and limited funds!] I have missed our dates like this and it did not disappoint.

"Lemuria", according to wikipedia, is a name of a hypothetical "lost land" variously located in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Very true to its "origin", this restaurant stands exclusive and private to its patrons. You need to get a reservation confirmed before you can dine here. They only open during the night. [I wonder why, I should have asked.] Its a very small restaurant that holds about 15 tables inside and a big table good for 8 through their Papillon room. It has a very large garden with fountains that is perfect for strolling while drinking wine or chatting. It even has a big space in the garden that allows you to dance or even do a proposal. Its that enchanting. To supplement that, they are a gourmet fine dining restaurant that serves French-Mediterranean cuisine paired with their wide selection of wines.  

The front facade once you get inside the Lemuria gates
Pretty mini pond and garden

Address: #5 Julieta Circle Horsehoe Village, Quezon City, Philippines
Opening Time: LUNCH By exclusive booking only DINNER Tuesday-Sunday 6:00 pm-11:00 pm
Dress Code:
Make a reservation:

They have different kinds of menu available, some of which are a degustation menu, a wagyu menu, and even a mother's day menu. We decided to order ala carte, basic menu. Reason refer below.

Wagyu Menu

Degustation Menu

Me all excited to try out the FOOD cause I was starving!
Adorable setup: RED BRICK WALLS
Ordered the following:
Complimentary Bread: Freshly baked
Started off with some complimentary bread while the chef is cooking our orders. The bread were 3 kinds and it came with butter and vinegar+oil. It was warm and quite tasteless. Good as a starter.

Scallops with mushrooms and Beurre Blanc [PHP 830]
This is our appetizer. In the menu it wrote, "seared giant scallops on top of sauteed fresh mushrooms." And that is just about it. We were shocked that it was just 2 big scallops for the price of PHP830! But nevertheless the presentation was superb, using a scallop shell as serving plate with salt under. The oil/sauce that envelops the mushrooms was perfect! This is a very great dish in terms of taste. Price...not so much.

Tomato Gazpacho [PHP 330]
This is very unique by itself. Its cold soup with strawberry slices topped with lumpfish caviar and beautified by the cucumber sorbet in the middle. It has a very refreshing taste and I absolutely loved how the sweet, sour and cold complemented each other.

Bone Marrow Risotto [PHP 550]
This is our star of the night. This is their signature dish and it did not disappoint one bit. At first the serving size is a bit underwhelming since its too small but once you taste it you will understand why its served at a "platito" size. It is a red wine risotto topped with a very tasteful pan grilled bone marrow piece. The taste is very unique and I loved each spoonful. MUST TRY!

Braised Lamb Shank, Apricots and Red Wine Sauce [PHP 977]
This is about the best cost effective serving size among everything we ordered. It's lamb size was just about more than a fist. It is a slow cooked lamb shank served with some "polenta", apricot and shallots. The meat was very tender and juicy. Great for meat lovers.
Olive Oil and Chocolate Marquis [PHP 326]
This is the meal ender for us. It was a very consistently made chocolate on the left and beautifully paired with some sugar nest with scallop shaped mango slices. The menu said it was a merger of chocolate and olive oil. I don't know how that is possible. But this dessert is GREAT!

Overall: 4 out of 5. This is definitely a restaurant that is meant for special occasions. My financial state and "tummy" state cannot survive if I eat her often. Lemuria definitely knows their cooking, they have an amazing menu and staff. I'm sure that whoever you decide to bring here whether a special someone, family, friends, or even just yourself.... you will be entranced by the overall setup of the place. Good food. Great service. Pricey food.

Location: Quite hard to locate if you are not familiar with Horseshoe village and its small side streets. It took us about 30 minutes before we got to the restaurant. DO NOT FOLLOW GOOGLE MAPS! Google maps led us to another village and it was not right at all. A quick guide would be to download their location map or better do what I did...I followed this:

From Greenhills shopping center, go onwards straight Ortigas Ave. past Santolan Road up to N. Domingo St. Turn right until entrance to Horseshoe Village. Take Main Horseshoe Drive up to the bridge. From bridge, take first street left. Lemuria sign stands on left side of corner.. Go straight until the next sign by the entrance of Lemuria. Note: Parking is very limited. They have a valet who can watch over your car but it will be parked outside the restaurant. You will be parking along the streets near Lemuria.

Ambiance: Perfect and intimate. With the small allowable number of guests, you can have a better dinner experience with your companion. The lights, interiors, fountains, flooring, even the smell is soothing.

Price: As you can see from the pictures and description, they were all lovely and wonderful. The food and taste was amazing but the serving size and price were not that friendly for the common man. But then again this is the normal price to pay for a fine dining meal. It is actually very practical compared to the others.

Food: Its unique. Its amazing. Their food is their signature. You have to try it.

Service: Waiters were very smart, accomodating, efficient, always ready. Love all of them.

Conclusion: Bring your love ones here! Its perfect for special occasions. You will not be disappointed! Happy tripping!

As the menu in their website does not have the price, I have uploaded some poorly shot images [sorry!] of the menu. Hope this helps you budget and get an idea on what you will order in your visit to Lemuria. As I always say, "CONFIDENCE is attractive." Nothing is more "sexier" than a man/woman who can carry himself/herself well. By knowing what to order/how to behave, you will impress your companion. ;) Enjoy!



Jamie said...

I''ll have John read this ;)

Jeatte Go said...

Excited to hear about your experience Jamie. :D They are known for their foie gras, try it if you are into liver dishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'd like to ask if they have a private room for two? TIA.

Jeatte Go said...

Hi there

I am not sure. But I didnt see anything like that. Better call them up to be sure.