Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tokyo, Japan Invasion with Jeatte and Friends - Teaser Video

So just got back from my Tokyo trip. Had an amazing time!!!! Got into the whole video recording thing and enjoyed it a lot. One thing I love about abroad trips, people do not really care if you do something "humiliating" since you have the tourist pass.This is the first 'vlog' or video blog about my life escapades... and hopefully more to follow. ^__^ Hope you enjoy and get to see Tokyo the way we saw it :D

First of, Japan ...

 Will be blogging about this superextraordinary Tokyo trip soon. So watch out.

Note: Please extend the love to my sister's Youtube channel. She is the one who compiled the videos. :) She has great vision and aims to be a director someday. Thanks for the love!!! Happy tripping!