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Basic Car Maintenance Class at Meralco Foundation Inc

I have always been a student at heart. I love learning and the "control freak" inside me whats to learn everything so that I can be prepared with anything. As a girl/woman, it cannot be avoided that I have been labeled and fooled many times especially when it comes to cars. I own a second hand "surplus" car, I've owned it for almost 5 years now. It was maintained by my dad and driver for the past few years, to make it short...they did not do a great job in maintenance. Usually our driver waits for something to broke down or blow up before he tells my dad about it... thus causing more damage to my car (called "Ki"). During these 5 years, I experienced a lot of "accidents" ranging from flat tire - overheat - batterydead - dont know what happened incidents; throughout all that I was traumatized and left at the mercy of the mechanic or whatever our driver says. So upon learning that Meralco Foundation Inc (MFI) have different technical courses, I decided to check. And YES they have a 4 session Basic Car Maintenance Class for PHP 4500. You can get a PHP300 discount if you pay at least 1 day ahead of class start. Classes were from 8:30AM to 5 PM. It is located at MFI Building, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1600 and you can call their office for any inquiries at (+632) 632-0756 to 67. They have a big "first come first park" parking and a canteen. They have a 1 week/ 5 day class and a 4 saturday class, I took the 4 saturday class. You will be given a student ID.

Class Schedules - they change fast
My class was conducted by a former student of MFI and has been working in the automotive industry for 2 years. It was amazing that even with 2 years experience, he knows everything. He gave credit to the extensive amount of hand on time he was given. The class has a maximum headcount of 15 and we were 15 at our class. The weekday classes only have 6 allowable students. So better reserve early, seats run out fast. You will be shocked by the amount of people who take classes like these. In our class we had 2 mandatory short breaks (30 mins) and 1 lunch break (1 hour). We were given a manual for notes and softcopy of the slides/videos used during lecture. The class is a combination of lecture and hands on. I really liked the transition of lecture to hands on. Since there is hands on it is recommended to have some good gloves, we were asked to buy the 3M comfort grip gloves.

Playing around with diesel and gas engines
The curriculum was designed for vehicle owners, drivers or enthusiasts who wants to develop basic car troubleshooting skills, engine tune-up and preventive maintenance. This is beginner course and can be further developed by taking more advanced courses offered by MFI. Below are the activities that is part of this course:
  • Check ignition coil.
  • Test ignition distributor.
  • Check ignition timing.
  • Check and test ignition cables.
  • Clean and adjust spark plugs.
  • Check and test storage battery.
  • Check and clean fuel filters.
  • Adjust carburetor assembly.
  • Clean engine breather.
  • Clean air filters.
  • Replace engine oil and filter.
  • Clean fuel sediments (diesel).
  • Bleed air from fuel lines (diesel).
  • Check glow plugs (diesel).
  • Check brake drum and brake lining.
  • Inspect disc brakes.
  • Adjust wheel cylinder adjuster.
  • Inspect hand brake cables and lever.
  • Inspect front suspension.
  • Inspect rear suspension.

Session 1: Safety procedures, tools, how engine works
Session 2: Belts, Engine Tune up. Hands on changing/timing of belts (diesel and gas), changing of gears, and tapetting.
Session 3: Under chassis. Hands on checking breaks, suspension.
Session 4: Change oil.  

Me and my buddy for the day: good thing he was really patient with me
If I have time, I would love to take more advanced courses after. MFI is truly a leader in education and innovation. They provide good education and the curriculum is sufficient. I recommend this to you and hope you equip yourself with knowledge. For safety and economic reasons.
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