Saturday, June 28, 2014

Face Exercise,Self Face massage to combat Wrinkles

Aging is inevitable. With aging of the skin,most of us try to combat it by using anti aging, anti wrinkle creams, botox, etc. But could we unknowingly be adding up more wrinkles on our faces as well? Probably so, it is interesting that I heard from the theDoctors tv show that Dr. Lisa told about sleeping at the sides could also make you develop wrinkles on your face. Now, what else can we be doing wrong? Bad posture, of course bad posture will always be a culprit. Pulling our necks down while we go about like when we read books or even when we tinker with our phones, could cause deep horizontal lines on our necks to develop. ( I have these by the way. :( )

Most of the time, we would exercise our bodies to build muscles and lose weight. but often times as well, we disregard our face and neck. Have you observed some gym/fitness junkies? They do have stunning figures but sometimes do you notice that they tend to look a little older? Just picture a person lifting weights, do they normally smile and hold a stress wrinkle free face while carrying weights? No?You could picture a person eating the sourest of lemons.Taking extra care for our face and neck too can give us an overall healthy,youthful and beautiful appearance.

Did you know that facial exercise can be another natural way of fighting off these lines? We exercise our bodies, now, it is time to give our faces a work out and show it some love. <3

Here are face exercises that I found online that could hopefully help us combat that problem.And we can do this anytime,anywhere we want. Do this in your office station during break. No one will care. No one will judge. 

this is said to help contour the face, prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin. it also promotes symmetry of face

+ bear in mind: This exercise is quite lengthy. 20 mins long. 
since we are working the muscles of the face, as any muscles are in the body, the more work requires of it,could make the muscle grow or hypertrophy/become bigger.

and here above is the japanese tanaka self face massage which is said to stimulate the lymphatics found at the head and neck area to promote drainage of excess fluid to decrease swelling/puffiness in the face. It would also make you face slimmer. Lose the chubby cheek,fat nose,double neck and puffy eye. 

This one i've tried doing on my mom's face too. Yes.This is supposed to be a self face massage but my mom is lazy that way.Anyway,she says it is very relaxing and she loved it. 
By the way, this is also my fav. I try to do this while I apply moisturizer on my face. I do this every other night to at least make the muscles rest.

+bear in mind: never do face massage for more than 10min a day. since it could do more harm than good.

also wanted to share something I found quite interesting. video below. The east asian standard of beauty. the koreans, Japanese,Chinese see women with V shaped faces beautiful. For me, they closely resemble anime looks. Don't you think so as well? Here is a video of massaging your face with a chinese spoon to get that V-shaped beautiful face.

+personally never tried this yet and you need a chinese spoon to do this massage.

while there are also a few of us, who embrace their wrinkles like my friend,who would commend on them as his marks maturity and stability. We just have our own thing and it is great that we appreciate them. 

I'll try posting before and after photos when I see noticeable changes. So far, after each massage I feel my face to be relaxed and it sorta has that glow. Probably because of the increased circulation of blood to the skin or is it only because of the moisturizer I applied to my face?

This is my face after my first face massage nothing to expect really. Pardon my face.

Anyway. Have you tried these before? Did you have any good results? Any tips and precautions you might know? Please share in the comments below.