Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 SONA July 28, 2014

Scheduled this July 28, 2014 is the fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) under President Aquino's administration. It will be held at the House of Representatives' complex in Quezon City and will be aired in all television networks. It normally takes an hour but people are thinking it will take about 2 hours for this round. 

I personally haven't watched a SONA from start to end, but this time I might. I have been watching snippets and commentaries on the previous SONAs. But with the eruption of the PDAF issue, I feel like its time to get more informed/involved. I know that the SONA is meant for the elected president to report out his administration's accomplishments for 2013-2014 and his plans for the coming years. For the past years, President Aquino's accomplishments have been criticized as "BS" (from Benigno Simeon) and self praising. There have been a lot of scandal surrounding Aquino's involvement and special treatment to relatives... which primarily raised a lot of questions on his credibility with his statement "Matuwid na Daan." Ever since his campaigning session, he was projecting that he was a decent man who does not give any bias. But with the recent involvement of Aquino's sister in the MRT Scandal and his numerous misjudgement when it comes to "family", people have lost their trust in President Aquino.

I have seen a lot of parody and gags on Aquino's speeches, one specific thing that stuck with me was his stance on renewable energy stating his disagreement with this project as its "useless" without the sun. And all I can say was "....seriously..". And I thought that was the end of it, looking through more credible sources I saw that the Aquino administration have failed to keep its national relations in check. Issues with China, Malaysia, US, and Mindanao keeps on sprouting. Though its quite understandable that given the state the Philippines is in, its really impossible to rid of POVERTY and CORRUPTION all together in just 6 years. I can see the effort the Aquino administration has been putting in, but given the "limited time" they should be focusing on the projects that matter most and not just short term to satisfy the "mass". Cause lets face it the mentality of the "mass" is not really equipped for long term, its more of a "give it to me now. solve my problem now." To solve poverty means to generate jobs and create more infrastructure to support the jobs created. A massive redesigning needs to be done.

Being the president is a VERY tough job, it takes a lot of skill, forward thinking, and selflessness. That is why its hard for me to understand why would anyone want to take on such stressful job (minus all the money you can swindle). I firmly believe that our country needs a big reform and a steady hand for the law breakers. The president needs to be a firm standard, never changing never waiving to "people". He should focus on the future and not the present petty whims of the people. SONAs are meant to provide direction, I hope that our current and future leaders will start to be forward thinkers and not people pleasers. The Philippines is predicted to be the next "miracle" as stated by the World Bank July 2014...there is potential. If only we can act as a solid country. 
In the upcoming SONA, I will watch it with hope. Hope that the president will stop with his "motherhood" statements and provide the people what they really need (not want). I am looking forward to hear his future oriented plans for the country, not just the spill over of the past administration's achievements.


controversialcomments said...

I agree being the president is tough. I don't think I will ever run for president.