Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is it bad?

For the past few weeks, I have been hearing and seeing DAP in my media sources. Initially I shrugged it off as another gimmick by the government, but people in my own network now talks about it so I got curious. DAP which stands for Disbursement Acceleration Program was originally started year 2011, it was pooled savings from the executive department of the Philippines that is to be used for high impact projects. As my friends call it, the president's own budget to use at his own judgement and will. DAP does not need to pass by approvals unlike the usual budgets. So that by itself has too much room for error. Agreeing to let someone hold no accountability has its pros and cons.

Obviously the pro is it will avoid all the "bottleneck" and "mischievous" money handling in our country. As what the President Aquino said, it is to give the best possible service at the best speed. Lets face it, our government project proposals can last to months to years regardless of its size. As a citizen, I understand the point of the president at this, I too would like to cut the cr*p and just give the people what they need. BUT the biggest problem here is the credibility of the one having such absolute power. In this case, President Aquino have been doubted by the Supreme Court as well as the whole country. People were asking for proof or signs that the 2011 DAP was really used. This was President Aquino's biggest issue. 

On July 14, 2014, President Aquino had a press release on his thoughts that the DAP has been ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court actually voted 13-0 against DAP, it was such a big number. But he still stood by his ground that the DAP was used and will be used accordingly. He even decline the resignation of Abad stating that he did nothing wrong.

Throughout all this I am happy that more things are getting exposed, but with the PDAF and DAP eating up much of our country's time and money...I hope we do not forget our priorities and economic building initiatives. This 100+ billion peso budget will surely be beneficial in our country's progress. I do not think that President Aquino is "guilty" of stealing (not yet), but he must understand that we need more EVIDENCE and PROGRESS that is brought about these taxes that we keep paying them. So in a nutshell, if DAP allows room for too much vagueness and unaccountability...I stand by to go away with it and setup a more structured and monitored tracking even for the Presidents budget. Because this unaudited DAP only sends an image of bad governance and corruption in our country.


ralph said...

i just hope it's not the same thing a that of the pork barrel... funds like this must have transparency in it's accountability. Yahweh bless.

Leira Pagaspas said...

I listened to his speech and while I agreed with some of his points. I disagreed with his methods on how he went about it.

controversialcomments said...

It won't surprise me if there are more programs like the PDAF and DAP just to take out the people's money.

Akiyo D. Furukawa said...

i just want to leave something to the Aquino Government (in tagalog):
ang daming tao na naghihirap para magkaroon ng pera,pero hindi sa pag ju-judge sa a.g pero ang kakapal ng mga mukha ng mga kasabwat ni ate janete lim-napoles . i know na 12 years old lang ako pero nararamdaman ko ang hirap ng pagtatabraho at hindi ito ganoon madali.
sana kahit ganito ang estado ng gobyerno ng pilipinas ngayon,im still hoping na magbabago din ang lahat.
Akiyo D. Furukawa
6-STCJ Paco Catholic School

Jeatte Go said...

I am encouraged that Akiyo you are so involved in our politics. It is very good that you have a righteous mindset at a young age. Do not lose that. We need more people who care to stand up and be part of office.