Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Call to Personal Leadership by Francis Kong

Last July 25, 2014, we had a leadership seminar conducted by Francis Kong. It was called  "The Call to Personal Leadership." It was very timely and appropriate since it was performance reporting season in my company. But more than that it was to reinforce proper behavior and attitude regardless where and what you are doing. Francis mentioned that leadership is not about birthright, position, or any fancy title...as long as you can INFLUENCE someone, then you are a leader. As usual, Francis was amazing, he was very charming, funny, and witty that there was no dull moment in the 2 hour talk. He injected a lot of humor and real life experiences in his speech that made people relate to his stories more. Below are more key points I got from his speech, hope you learn as much as I did.

1.    Sometimes the cause of business failure is business success.
2.    Work life integration is the more modern approach. Since work is essentially meshed with "life". Business is always personal.
3.    Take work seriously and personally. You do not have much time to "idle" around.
4.    Always give more than what you are paid for. This is excellent customer service.
5.    Exceed customer expectations.
6.    Leadership begins with you, but it's not about you. Rings very true.
7.    Talent attraction and retention are the hardest things to accomplish in a company.
8.    Leadership is amoral. Moral neutral.
9.    Teachers are teachers. They are not supposed to give you customer service. They are supposed to teach your kids manners and life fundamentals.
10. High grades are not equivalent to creativity. Its often better to pay more attention to fostering creativity, cause we need "outside-the-box" thinkers. Be careful not to kill what makes a person unique.
11. 5 levels of leadership
a.    Position - people follow you because they need to (rights)
b.    Permission - people follow you because they want to (relationships)
c.    Production - people follow you because they can see the results you give out (results)
d.    People development - people follow you because you enable them (reproduction)
e.    Personhood - people follow you because of your totality (respect) 
All these levels are given to you, not asked for. You cannot skip levels. Do not forget the past levels. 
12.  2 main reasons why people leave
a.    Cannot get along with boss
b.    The feeling of being unappreciated
13. If you are going to give recognition, be specific to what they did right. Do not just say “Good Job”.
14. Act like your customer is the only person in the room. Give out a connection with them. 
15. Wrong behavior - wrong outcome. Wrong values cause wrong decisions cause set backs. Delays on getting to the right outcome.
16. Good leaders produce more good leaders not followers. 
17. Success without succession is failure.
18. Do not kite your resume. Stay focused on where you are, do not keep looking behind the “fence”. Sometimes it is better to stay put and establish your ground, you will learn more this way.
19. Non stop journey of learning.
20. Initiative. Don't be scared.
21. Establish yourself as the go to guy.
22. Out of sight out of mind. Always be present.
23. Develop as YES face.
24. All things being equal, the person with the best attitude win.
25. Generation Labels:
a.    Before 1946 - traditionalists
b.    1946-1960 - baby boomers
c.    1961-1980 - gen x
d.    1981-2000 - gen y
e.    Gen y a - activists 
f.     Gen y b - slackivist - 1995-2000
26. Don't get the mentality of entitlement. Have the humility to accept correction. Respect your bosses. 
27. Attack the ideas not the person. Cause creativity flows. And the best idea comes out. Once an idea is culminated, support it. 
28. At the end of the day, relationship matters. 
With Francis Kong