Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2014 SONA insights

Last July 28, 2014, President Aquino had his 5th State of the Nation Address. To read his speech's full transcript, read here: http://www.gov.ph/2014/07/28/president-aquino-iii-fifth-sona/

For me it was a good speech overall, he addressed the usual areas that he promised about such as education, transportation, security, and debt management.  Certainly there were current events that were not brought up like the issue with China and the projects that failed. But it for me, the progress presented was good enough for me to trust and hope that God is in the works in this country.

It started out with a very human expression on how hard a president's job is. He related it to watching a 2000 channel television at the same time, watching intently and not missing any channels. I completely relate to this, I understand fully why it takes a big leap of faith and courage to take on such feat. People will stab you left and right, kick you when they can, and at times... pat you in the back for a job well done. Being a president is a quick way to get cancer. So kudos to all previous, present, future leaders...you all raise up to a an inhuman task.

He then proceed to discuss the different projects that was done under his administration. One was the usage of DAP to maintain TESDA scholars. Which in fact led to 66% of TESDA graduates to find a job and sustain themselves. He mentioned that the tax paying system pays for the future TESDA graduates. The reduction of debts owed by our previous presidents were paid for. The tax collected was increased from 1.094 trillion pesos from year 2010 to 1.536 trillion pesos last 2013. Tourism is doing well that more and more investors are looking into the Philippines. All thanks to the recent great credit standing of the Philippines. To relate this back to the mass, flights to Europe and United States have been promoted by local airline providers. Road construction have been at full swing for the past months that is why traffic has been crazy in Manila. Hopefully it will settle down soon for everyone's sanity. More and more road connecting projects are done like the TPLEX.Commercial projects like the Clark Green City and airports were raised. I do have high hopes for these. More military projects were mentioned like containment of NPA and buying of weapons...Cleaning of government processes like that of CUSTOMS. Hopefully they will target BIR soon. Those crazy people have supreme power. He mentioned future plans for energy and agriculture...I have hoped to hear more plans on these. But we have to take things one step at a time. I am fine with transportation being managed first. Make life easier for the common man. Regarding the recent Yolanda recovery project I was shocked that we actually did great as per UN standards “We have never seen a recovery happen so quickly. And many of us have been in many different disasters." Kudos. 

To end my commentary, I liked Aquino's words that "Pananagutin natin ang lahat ng may-sala." I really do hope that God sustains him in this clean up initiative and may he never falter. Stay true to his word. Really appreciate what Aquino has done up until now. Hope people continue to be informed and stay on board for this road to excellence that we all want for our fellowmen. 


Leira Pagaspas said...

In fairness to him I'm pretty much convinced that our economy is okay with relatively low risk on trading & agriculture.

sir rob said...

Being an OFW, I commend his administration for the robust economy but for the most part of the SONA, there's really nothing new in it especially the continued bashing of opponents and praising thy own.

Fernando Lachica said...

More praise to him about the eradication of some bad elements in the political world and give orders with courage. But for some sectors, he must pursue it with heart.

Michi said...

I also think that SONA 2014 is much better compared to old SONA.

papaleng said...

Same here. Aquino's SONA has promises on it. Hope the legislators will support these plans.