Monday, August 25, 2014

Aquino planning a second term?

Lately rumors about President Aquino running for a second term as the president of the Philippines have been circulating. It has been spread all over social media and it was told that there is even a facebook petition/page that supports Aquino running again as president. It was originally brought to my attention when I saw the interview of Mar Roxas, he stating that he would like the president to extend his term so as to see the completion of what the president started. This ballooned to all sorts of rumors and issues, some positive and some negative. 

Just last Aug 13, 2014, the president Aquino confirmed his thoughts and feelings on the subject matter. Stating that he never thought about extending his term beyond 6 years but since mass have been asking him for it, he is now open to the idea to ensure that his projects come into completion. But besides that there is no final word if he will be changing the constitutional charter just so that he can extend his term. 

The world is divided into 2 sides, people have mixed feelings with the "seed" planted by Mar Roxas. Since presidents from the previous years have been receiving similar "requests from the masses" but they all declined. Never liking the pressure and stress caused in managing millions of people. The people who wanted Aquino to extend his term are being doubted to want to stay in power/ or in the seat longer. Also to get people's attention from the issue revolving around DAP. 

I personally liked the statement repeated by Fidel Ramos on an interview by Ora Oracion, "
Going up to the top is optional but coming back down is mandatory because you cannot stay at the top forever". This statement holds a lot of truth. No matter how much you want to stay on top (be the president because you want to ensure that your projects get completed) you will need to sit down eventually else it will be no different from a martial law. It is just like in work, in management you need to let the reigns go if you want to have competent people. You have to give them the opportunity or the doubt that they can continue what you started or even make it better. People are complex and we are all given unique abilities, all leaders know when to step down and let someone else grow.

In summary, though I do give kudos to Aquino for staying loyal to his vision (matuwid na daan) I personally think we have to let someone else sit in the presidential role. As mentioned, I believe in the power of collaboration and letting other people have a say/ an opportunity. It might be better for the country, since no one is that perfect. I also think that by staying too long in this role will open up so much doubt to people which in effect will cause the degradation of the programs. I believe it would be better for Aquino to take on another role, to assist and advise when the new president needs it. Give feedback if he thinks the projects he started is not being completed. Power/pride/greed can always get to someone's head no matter how pure your intention maybe. I think that if we allow Aquino to stay in power for 12 years, it can cause a change in his heart or if its not his...but change in people around him. It is just too much risk. We have to let life take its natural course.