Monday, August 11, 2014

BCDA's Open Letter to Baguio and Baguio's Response

BCDA is at it again. Arnel Casanova ,President and CEO of BCDA, published an open letter to the City Government of Baguio on July 20, 2014 issue of the Baguio Midland Courier. The complete statement can be found here. To sum it up, Casanova is acting like a "partner" with the City Government of Baguio by saying things like BCDA gave revenues to the city (and even injecting its arbitration base with CJHDevCo - that the city will have its 25% share should BCDA win... for me this is just "wow" #injectsarcasm) and the benefits it gave to the city/its people: tourism, jobs, and environment protection/preservation. 

And being courteous, the City of Baguio (Mayor Domogan) made a statement in response to this open letter. And it was witty. All of BCDA's statements were put up into a challenge and I can say it should make BCDA think first before they publish anything. The full statement of Baguio can be found in this article. To sum it up, Baguio is challenging BCDA to keep up to its "friend" status and follow the agreements it promised to keep. 

For me, Baguio gave a really good response that was backed up by good evidences and specific events. I would like to narrate some of the highlights of BCDA's lies that Baguio unraveled. 
1. It was mentioned that BCDA's former management gave Baguio all of the lease rentals from Camp John Hay. Unlike today with Casanova on top, Baguio was only given a fraction. Which was going against Condition 10 of the 19 Conditions as embodied in Resolution 362, s. 1994.
2. As stated in my prior post about CJHDevCo and BCDA, Baguio mentioned that BCDA did not want to get into a peaceful agreement with CJHDevCo so instead they pursued the arbitration case.
3. The tourism and job benefits that was stated BCDA are not creditable to them, instead with their "unresolved" issue with CJHDevCo, Baguio's lands will not be maximized. 
4. Utter arrogance, when BCDA even broke another Condition when BCDA's constructed vertical structures within the John Hay Economic Zone without Baguio's approval or knowledge; tried to get a water source from where Baguio residents were getting their water; more so getting in the way of the government of Baguio to establish business permit requirements and tax regulations for establishments within the vicinity; and even tried to fool Baguio government by secretly renewing its contract with Ayala Company. 

All these and more just prove how "sly" Casanova can be, he is a wolf who tries to speak like a sheep. All in all, I hope the arbitration case gets resolved soon so that Baguio can generate more income.


Leira Pagaspas said...

What's ironic is that while he was candid enough to admit that the BCDA earlier refused to participate in arbitration until they were talked by the court to do so.

papaleng said...

Casanova's way of getting the public's nod, but it backfired on him. Very good reply on the part of Mayor Domagan.

Michi said...

If they replied with specific events and evidences, it only shows who is really telling the truth and lie.

Fernando Lachica said...

Wow...renewing its conract to Ayala, if it's true, then BCDA wanted very much to replaced CJHDevCo in managing the huge acres of land. And, of course, the construction of businesses for development. Let's just wait and see until election 2016, maybe another mayor will replaced Mayor Domogan.

Carol Ranas said...

The open letter is BCDA's way of trying to wash off their dirty hands. Good thing Mayor Domogan was quick to respond with facts.

Gil Camporazo said...

I. made. my. side .to. the .city .of .Baguio. government .on. the .falsehood. claimed. by. BCDA. Casanova.. I. know .he. wants. to .depend .his. integrity,. his. leadership. that .he. could .still .be. relied. upon .in. spite. the. misrepresentations. he. had. made .in. his. open. letter. to. Mayor .Domogan.. Weird!