Monday, August 25, 2014

Epicurious: A cooking day with the kids

Last August 9, 2014 had a cooking activity with the Little Missy. Epicurious held its first ever cooking event with the wee ones called Curious Chefs: Cooking Class for Parent and Child. It was a 2.5 hour event that ran from 2:00-4:30 PM, but it was done by 4 pm. We cooked at their Epicurious deli shop at Lower Ground Eastwing EDSA shangrila Plaza. For PHP4,500, you and your kid will get a slot to participate in the cooking 3 dishes (Pizza, Corn Dog, Panini) + get a Curious Chef kit of your choice (pizza kit or cookie cutter kit). They were given an apron, toque, and a recipe list to follow. I called Epicurious' line to reserve 570774. Personally loved the pizza kit since it comes with a pizza cutter and knife that can be used by the kid every time she cooks. I assure you the knife cuts well! I was pleasantly surprised that it did cut well given its design.

Epicurious in Shang
Curious Chef products used *Gotten from their FB page
Curious Chef PHL owner and Head Chef *Gotten from CC FB page
Since we know that the Little Missy loves to cook, we decided to enroll and I was the one who accompanied her while she "cooks" as the head chef instructs her. We were about 10 pairs for the event. The event started with the Event Organizer introducing the event (Epicurious + CCA joint event) and the pioneer of Curious Chef (BPA free kids safe kitchen utensils) here in the Philippines. It was then followed by the cooking demo by the head chef. There were a lot of lessons learned during the event, the cooking demo had problems ensuring that everyone can see what was being done by the head chef since originally they were just projecting the demo on a small screen with a wired video camera that was not able to show the movements of the head chef completely. So the kids were called to the front of the kitchen counter to watch instead. The chef started with the panini, then the pizza, and then corn dog. Then the kids were asked to do it themselves with their parents or guardians. All of the ingredients were prepared in the kitchen counter and they just need to get them. It ended with the kids eating and packing what they have made for the day.
Recipe list
Kids listening
For the first dish, we did the panini. The kids were gives slices of bread pan and were asked to cut some butter and spread it in the pan evenly. Then get some Nutella to spread until they are satisfied. Top it with slices of banana. And do the same with the other pan. Put more butter on the top and bottom of the bread pan. Give it to the chef assistant so that they can put in the panini toaster. So listening and creativity were practiced.

For the second, we did the pizza of their own creation. The kids were to spread some tomato sauce over the ready made pizza dough. And they can get as much toppings as they want. Mushrooms, bacon, basil, ham, cheese. Give it to the chef assistant so that they can put in the oven. It was fun seeing their creativity and generosity in the amount of toppings they use. haha. 

My pizza on the left, Little Missy's on the right

Lastly for the corn dog. They were tasked to put some sticks on the hotdog, roll some flour into it, roll it on the batter, dip it into the hot oil while twirling it until the aimed shape is achieved. This was quite a challenge since the kids had to deal with hot oil and deduce if the hotdog is okay.

The great thing about this event was that it helps the kids practice their listening and comprehension skills, how they understand and follow instructions from their guardian or the chef. Then it also helps in their motor movements since they have to stir, cut, twirl, press, spread, and mix. Lastly it enables the kid to be creative and deductive of their own creation, if they think what they placed is sufficient or not.

I even get my own apron and toque
yummy pizza!
Even though the dishes were easy to make, but having them in the proper setup and environment makes it a whole lot easier and worth it. Plus the pizza kit itself costs around P2500 already so it would appear that we paid P2000 for the kids cooking activity. Overall we were really glad we did the event and now the Little Missy can make her own pizza. I am looking forward to have more similar events to participate at.