Monday, August 4, 2014

Laguna's Megadike

Raining season again and with rain comes flooding.

Its been 2 years since the news on Laguna's Megadike project was announced by our President Aquino. It was said to keep water levels in Laguna de Bay from overflowing for years and would help make the water of the lake cleaner too. It was also tied up to another big promise of a Laguna Lakeshore Expressway to be built on top of this dike. This expressway was said to lessen traffic congestion within the area as it would connect Los BaƱos to Taguig.

This was triggered by the numerous flooding in Laguna and the numerous families relocated to several evacuation centers. Aquino time and time again with several government officials mention this Megadike project, but up until now... no dike or movement can be seen. This was even mentioned in Aquino's latest SONA this July 2014, but no specific plans were made. It makes one wonder as to how much exactly does the government spend on its other projects, that something this big just sits and left unprioritized. Where are these emergency budget allocations that we taxpayers keep on hearing about. And the most interesting part of it all, is that Aquino said it will not even cost the government anything to build the dike! As the payment to the winning bidder will be the reclaimed land. So why in the world can't this project start?! Why does the bidding not start?! Makes me really suspicious on how does our government line up projects.

Aquino mentioned that the public bidding for the Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike would begin before 2014 ends.This leaves us 5 more months, I pray and hope this project finally kicks off and start showing some value.

I long to see this vision of Laguna come into the flesh. Nothing beats an idea coming to a reality and giving people value.


Leira Pagaspas said...

My issues is I don't think that they can eradicate flooding and I don't think dike can help at all

sir rob said...

We can only hope and wish that this will come in fruition as this has been a long overdue project. Let's not just put to much hope though since government promises are not new to us anymore.

Carol Ranas said...

Another big project that will waste our country's money if it wouldn't push through. A megadike in 2 years? I don't think it will be completed even before Pnoy steps down.

Michi said...

If they will not start this asap, I don't think it will be finished before the next election.

papaleng said...

Another project for corrupt politicians to dip their fingers into.