Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dice Brownies of Delicakes by Joly

As September 8, 2014 closes in on the Philippines... we, the Fil-Chi, community have this annual  "Mid Autumn" celebration commonly known or heard as the "mooncake festival". This is when people exchange mooncakes and play dice games as a tradition. The origins of the mooncake festival can be traced back to 2 chinese stories: about the archer Hou Yi and his wife Chang'e; and during the Yuan Dynasty where the Han used mooncakes to exchange letters. 
Delicakes by Joly
So in light with the event, Delicakes by Joly decided to add a creative twist into the typical mooncake/ dice game that we do. They came up with Dice Brownies (red brownies topped with white chocolate with handcrafted dice design). Its P444 per box of 64 small pcs (approx. 1” x 1” per pc) of brownie goodness. When I saw this ad, I just had to buy for my family and friends. I bought 4 all in all (for now haha). Check out the lovely details below.
Comes in a box and sure looks amazing!
Its about this big. hahaha.
Since I was at Delicakes by Joly, I just had to indulge in their Tea Infused cakes... I went for the best seller Earl Gray Mouse Cake (P110) which had a distinct bitter taste that I love. Sadly my ultimate Matcha Cake was out that day so I was not able to eat my favorite "Delicake". Also tried their Cheesecake which I adore too, very fluffy and consistent. Just the way I like it!

Earl Gray Goodness (PHP110)
Cheesecake heaven

So, how do you go about ordering the goodies above? 
1. Call them at (02) 622-7118 in advance to ensure availability of your desired pastry especially the dice brownies, since they "sell like pancakes". You can also try to call 87878 for deliveries.
2. Visit them at G/F Asia Crest Mansion Condominium. 207 M Paterno St, San Juan City. They have parking. 
3. Or send them a message at their Facebook Page. They usually have promotions during special events so its great to check up on their page on in a while. I wrote about their Father's Day promotion before.

Anyway, do check them out! Happy tripping!

Your first bite never lies.

Cakes! *sorry for the bad photo

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