Monday, September 1, 2014

[Lunch Box Provider] Plan Eat: P260 per day meals

In my quest to find the perfect lunch box provider for my needs, I have found Plan Eat. It was way better than my first attempt with Vetrifoods. PlanEat is better in food quantity, food quality (no spoilage), food presentation, and customer service. The only downside is its more costly compared to Vetri, (Vetri P900 per week VS PlanEat P1300 per week) but heck I prefer PlanEat any day given the reasons above. ALSO PlanEat is the cheapest I found but with consistent reviews and good remarks, unlike others who price too high yet offer about the same or even worse service. I am very happy a friend recommended PlanEat to me. Also I strongly do not think PlanEat will close down anytime soon (or go dark) due to poorly estimated and planned consumer demands. PlanEat is very careful and only accommodates a specific number of patrons per week, so you have the reserve as soon as Wednesday hits (since they open reservations every Wed and close it on Saturday). They do not deliver during HOLIDAYS. Also another plus is they are efficient in refunds, they immediately provide refund (cash deposit or carry over another meal on the next week). 

PlanEat is already operational since Sept 2013, they are located in Paranaque thus can only deliver to nearby cities like Makati, Ortigas, and other nearby surrounding city. To be sure if your location is covered, send an email ( or text (+63 917 305 55 10) to them before getting all excited. Also another thing you have to take note is their delivery time, make sure to ask this since it will depend on your area. PlanEat actually have 4 products and all are carefully planned by a registered nutritionist-dietitian. All their meals consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks (AM and PM) from Monday to Friday. They charge P20 per delivery, so that P100 per week. I got the plan1200 thus I pay P1300 per week, so its P260 per day. Still not bad for an everyday healthy complete meal. 
This is PlanEat
Easy way to remember the price is just use the calorie count as the base price and add P100 for delivery. Below is a guideline on what to get depending on your size/lifestyle:

PLAN 1200 (PHP1200): 5 days of 1200 calories per day
recommended for:
- petite to normal built with sedentary lifestyle targeting a body weight of 40-60 kg
- petite built with active lifestyle targeting a body weight of 40-55 kg
PLAN1500 (PHP1500): 5 days of 1500 calories per day
recommended for:
- normal to big built with sedentary lifestyle targeting a body weight of 60-70 kg
- normal built with active lifestyle targeting a body weight of 55-60 kg
PLAN1800 (PHP1800) = 5 days of 1800 calories per day
recommended for:
- big built with sedentary lifestyle targeting a body weight of 70-75 kg
- bigger built with active lifestyle targeting a body weight of 60-70 kg
PLAN2000 (PHP2000) = 5 days of 2000 calories per day
recommended for:
- big built with active lifestyle targeting a body weight of 70-75 kg

Next concern would be how to book:
1. Reserve your weekly slots through +639173055510 starting Wednesday. Check their facebook page to see their menu for the following week. 

They post their weekly menu in their facebook page
2. Confirm your order and delivery details by getting a response from PlanEat. Their deadline for reservation and payment is by Saturday noon. These are the details you should include in your text (I suggest text since its faster than email): NAME, DELIVERY ADDRESS, PLAN (1200, 1500, 1800, 2000) and WEEK TO BE BOOKED. Do expect some delays in response as I think they get a lot of messages and its just one person responding to all of them.
3. Deposit your payment to the bank details below and email them a copy of the deposit slip at Bank account details are with BDO and BPI. They prefer to send their clients their bank details each time via text. So I will not post it here to avoid confusion.
4.Once they confirm that they have received your reservation and money, expect your awesome food the coming week. Make sure to get confirmation from them.

Okay, so now here is my review of my 1 week experience of their Plan 1200. As mentioned I paid P1300 per week and that is P260 per day for 3 full meals and 2 snacks (1 fresh fruit and 1 dessert).

Pricing: Very reasonable. The full meals (bfast, lunch, dinner) usually comes with white rice, so its filling enough. I always get coffee and a fruit. As you can see from the photos below it looks like more than P260 worth.
Check out the mini dessert!
Serving Size: Sufficient. It does feel like 1200 calories. I do not feel cheated. 
Now thats a meal!
Taste/ Food Quality: Yummy surprise. So far, I was pleased with the variations in taste and textures from the different dishes. I especially like the PM snack where I always get surprised. No bad aftertaste nor foul smell upon opening the package, thus I would say its freshly made.
Sample of menu stapled in my paper lunch bag
Another menu
Delivery: Bad at first but have been consistent in their committed time. I would prefer they deliver earlier since I work really early but its better they prepare the food carefully than rush it.
I absolutely enjoyed the pizza burger.
Overall: Love PlanEat. I do think I get my money's worth and I do not starve myself as much like before. (take note there are different calorie counts, a person can go as high as Plan 2000) I like the consistency in their ordering and delivery process. I appreciate their creativity and cleanliness in their packaging. Lastly, I enjoy the surprise of getting good food everyday without having to worry on what to eat or how it will ruin my body in the long run. hahaha. Try them out! I am sure you will not regret it.

No regrets right here