Thursday, September 18, 2014

Magnum Cafe Manila Review - Sm Aura Taguig

What is more perfect than a cold weather with some hot chocolate? 

2 words. ICE CREAM.
My fondue creation: "what is left of it"
Earlier this year, Magnum Cafe opened a branch in SM Aura (5th floor) to satisfy our craze over their Magnum variety. It was very hard to get a seating in this cafe without falling in line for at least 30 minutes before, so I never had the patience to wait. But recently its been better, my friends and I tried Magnum Cafe last 9/13/2014...there was no line! We were immediately seated. There are actually 2 queues of choice, one for the DINE IN and another for the TAKE AWAY custom Magnum (PHP 100 each bar). 
Going back, Magnum Cafes are actually around the world. And the one in SM Aura is actually the first here and its has its own website that contains all information you would need from MENU to a guide on what to put into your Magnum bar based on your mood. (check it out! its actually interesting. marketing that works) Also take note, they also serve REAL meals like burgers, soup, pasta, salad, ribs, etc...
Their Make Your Own Counter/Queue
Let me go straight to the conclusion, MAGNUM Manila is definitely heavy on the pockets. Its very costly and it does not make that much sense (at first) to spend this much for ice cream. But its worth the experience, especially the dine in, since you can get to try their "artisan" cold creations. I suggest this place for special occasions and/or a "treat-yourself" day. Make sure to order their DARK CHOCOLATE DIP, its melted heaven.

There were several options for the artisan creations but we went for the classic "DEATH BY CHOCOLATE" (PHP280) and "MAGNUM FONDUE FOR TWO" (PHP550). Price range in this selection would be PHP250 to P650.  

Death by chocolate
True to its name, you can seriously die from this dish. Its too much for 1 person to consume. Its Deep dark chocolate lava cake with brownie pieces perfected by a chocolate truffle magnum decorated with chocolate crispearls. Its as big a plate and is too sweet. Its too much chocolate sweetness for 1 person. But its very yummy and warm...I can eat this by myself if I am depressed. haha. You can either let the magnum melt or eat it immediately. For me, its worth the P350. We were 4 eating this and we had trouble finishing it. O_o

Magnum Fondue For Two
Unlike the "death by chocolate", this naming is clearly a mistake. Its not for two. This dish is definitely for more than 2 people (esp if you are having another ice cream artisan with this). This comes in 2 Magnum bars (vanilla and chocolate) with your choice of chocolate fondue (white, milk, or dark), served with fresh fruits and cakes. For P550, its quite pricey but its fondue really tastes high its worth the pain. It also comes with gold nuggets and pistachios for decorative purposes. As mentioned before, GET THE DARK FONDUE! When you dip the frozen Magnum bar in the fondue it will make a shell and its sooooo fun to eat. We actually ran out of things to dip that we had to take home the remaining fondue goodness. The vanilla bar is perfect with the dark fondue. If possible, I suggest you request for 2 vanilla bars instead. The chocolate Magnum with the dark fondue is a bit too much for me. As expected the strawberry and kiwi was perfect with the fondue, I could not say the same for the rest of the things prepared.

Anyway, I don't know if I was able to express it but Magnum Manila is definitely a CHOCOLATE HEAVEN. If you like chocolate then you will LOVE and OBSESS over this place. They serve good chocolate. But do not forget to check your budget cause it can hurt. As for me, I will settle for the grocery-available Magnum (P50) for my cravings. Happy tripping!