Wednesday, September 3, 2014

[Makati Lunch Delivery] Greenery Kitchen: Vegetarian

Another alternative for the picky eater, a friend of mine recommended I try out Greenery Kitchen since she knows I like good food and I like to save money. So what is Greenery Kitchen all about? They live by the quotation: "Nothing will benefit health or increase chances of survival on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." Albert Einstein

Greenery Kitchen (aka GK) is a home grown vegetarian kitchen that started out since 2000. They are very simple and practical to the sense that they cook all the meals in their own house. They envisioned providing an diet option for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike, by this they aimed to give a "hearty" vegetarian twist to the all-time pinoy favorites such as SISIG. They also serve the food in Ambay/Botolan Beach Resort. They cook individual lunch boxes and also group packs; and delivers them to major Makati offices. (I am not sure what are the covered areas, better contact them directly to know @ 0927-6069983/ 0925 8324809)

Another thing that makes me like this humble bunch of people is that they "cook" for a purpose. They choose to be vegetarian for stand against climate change and animal cruelty. And they make a healthier option available to the common person without sacrificing quality/taste. I personally tried their food for 3 days now and I can say I am impressed with the taste. I could not even say that I am missing out by not eating Jollibee's chickenjoy. I assure you it is that tasteful. I suggest you follow them on facebook since they post their daily menu there, also do get your number listed in their mobile directly for the daily text blasts.

Group Packs
Here is my complete review of the experience with Greenery Kitchen:
Week Menu
I tried the standard service which is the lunch delivery for P90(white rice + 2 viands). They also have the P100 (brown rice+2viands).

Pricing: Okay with the serving size and quality. P90-100 daily budget for lunch is a bit much, but given the complexity of finding a good vegetarian or at least a healthy (non fast food) meal in makati for P100...I would say this is a very good price.  
Fill it up!

Serving Size: Substantial. Appropriate. As you can see from the photos below, they make sure that they fill up the "container". So the serving size is good. 

Taste/Food Quality: As I mentioned earlier, I did not feel deprived nor bored with my food. It was good and tasteful. I especially liked the shepherd's pie. Did not taste like I am eating all veggies. 
Shepherd's Pie
Delivery: On the dot. For our office space, they are consistent in delivering on or before 12nn. I have tried requesting for an earlier delivery but due to their delivery method, it is not possible and its understandable for a small business. My only concern with GK is the communication, lately due to the telco problems my text messages/orders were not received and it caused a strain on when I will get my delivery or if I was part of the list. But then again, I blame it on my telco (sun cellular). Based on my friends feedback, GK was always consistent in responding to text messages or calls. So I suggest in case you do not receive a reply immediately, call them to be sure. Take note that you have to place your orders before 10 AM, cause they start cooking after that. 

Overall: 2 thumbs up. I like what GK had provided me and is providing to others. I recommend this to people who want to get out of the typical meal options in your office. Usually they are bad for our health and it would pay wisely if we change our bad habits now. I highly recommend you give GK a call tonight or today and see if its for your taste.
Lovin' their chili bombs

PS: They are looking for a commercial space where they can establish their "restaurant". I hope this flies soon so that more people will be given access to their awesome food.


greenery kitchen said...

thank you so much ms. jeatte.. very heart warming indeed.. it inspires more thrust for us to serve better...