Monday, September 15, 2014

Morita Japanese Restuarant Review: Fisher Mall Quezon City

A seemingly typical Japanese restaurant just recently opened its doors at Fisher Mall. It's called Morita. Located at the G/F of Fisher Mall (outside), beside BPI. You have to ask the mall guards as its quite hard to find since its not the usual chain of restaurants inside.

I was informed that this restaurant had very good sashimi and I just had to check since I still have Japan Tsukiji hangover. Luckily I had the opportunity to eat here with my family and I was taught by my uncle a very good "dish" that I do not dare order. I will save this for later. (suspense! hahaha)

Sorry but I was not able to take photos of all the food we consumed, the store interiors, and even the menu. I was so distracted by my inner thoughts. Sorry. But just to give you an idea, the store interiors were filled with lovely "japanese" paintings and they had wooden windows designs and doors. Their chairs were simple and cushioned, not the typical japanese style one but just the normal chairs. Their tables were typical wooden tables, ours was not even leveled. Lamps were lovely, it gave the right amount of glow. It had a small chef's counter where the master chef Tom cuts and prepares your sashimi. I would prefer it to be larger so as to give a more "prestigious" feel to the chef. Overall, it can still be prettified.

Interesting Fact 1: Servers were all given Japanese names. It was interesting as this is the first ever restaurant that I saw this. It was quite odd to call someone in Japanese when they weren't so we called our waiters the usual "Ate" "Kuya".
Interesting Fact 2: Morita is actually dead and was a good friend of the Fisher Mall owners that they created this restaurant in his honor/memory.
Interesting Fact 3: The owners of Fisher Mall is in the fishing industry thus all the fishes in the groceries and Morita are all FRESH as they come from the family business.

Onto the food review! I would give it a solid 4.5 out of 5. Almost all dishes stood out on its own. 
1. The noodles itself were superb. No bad aftertaste. It was chewy and surely its hand made. The broth was delicious, very flavorful but not over powering that you have to drink lots of water. It complements the noodle well. We tried the UDON (thick noodles) and RAMEN (thin noodles), both were yummy. Our only concern was the quantity, the "toppings" were quite few. Average cost was 300 pesos per bowl.
2. Okonomiyaki (japanese pancake) was good. It was very filling and compact. This is for sharing 4-6 people. The sauce was good and the mayonaise was perfect. Best eaten as soon as its served. 
3. Chicken Donburi was typical but it comes with soup. Nothing much to say about this.
4. California Maki was good but not memorable. Though its better than most of the maki's I have tasted since I can taste each and every flavor (even the eggs). I liked the clean taste in my mouth.
5. Sake Sashimi was very fresh! It reminded me of Tsukiji and the freshness of the fishes there. The best thing about this sashimi was it did not need soy sauce as its very flavorful by itself. I truly enjoyed how its texture, it was so soft that it felt like it was melting while I was biting through it. 335 pesos for 5 fat pieces.
6. Grilled Hamachi Head was the star of our meal. For 800 pesos we were served a big grilled fish head. This is a dish I would never order nor know was good. My uncle told me that its rare to see this dish offered in the Philippines, and its actually his favorite. So when it was served, he gave the the most delicious parts: neck and top head area. And was different each time. It was so fresh that it was so good. It was almost sweet even. I really really enjoyed this dish (no soy sauce needed) and now I matured as a foodie. Conquered my fear of fish heads.

What I was able to capture
So in conclusion, try out Morita for their fishes and noodles. You won't be disappointed. Thumbs up!