Monday, September 15, 2014

PNoy Administration in Crisis 2014

Lately traffic has gotten so bad that it feels like payday friday night every day. It was blamed to the never ending life cycle of cars (cars in the US have to be retired after using it for X years) to the recent truck ban issue that caused a lot of crazy C5 traffics. Not to forget the crazy mismanaged traffic caused by the ING anniversary in NLEX and the most recent NLEX traffic last September 5, 2014. But its not only the private commuters who felt this mind-bursting frustration, but also those of us who take the public train transport system... we all know how badly alarming the recent MRT derailment brought about. 

Over and over we keep hearing, seeing, feeling the same problems in the country yet somehow the important things never seem to improve. Roads are still fragile, poorly managed trains, insane traffic routes for vehicles, floodings, stagnant tax bills, poorly designed classrooms, and the never changing "corrupt" officials who always gets away with it. Recently more and more critics have labeled President Aquino as "sleeping" in the job. He has been branded a leader without reason in mismanaging the money of the people. There are several public-private projects that failed or got stuck up during his term. He had declined several good proposals from different interested investors that could have relieved some of the mental stress we have as citizens. Sadly but true, efforts could have been directly and focused on the fast implementation of road provincial connections... widening of major roads...whatever happened to the Laguna Mega Dike that sounded like a great push for our country. But instead all I see in news are the condemning of Binay for the Makati City Hall and the never ending Denise Cornejo. Come on media. Please show me more. What is Pnoy doing about the ever growing pain of our transportation. It brings into mind the answer of Pnoy regarding his view of the traffic in the metro...he mentioned it was a sign of economic progress. I beg to differ Mr President. This traffic if left unresolved will explode in our country and will left our capital into rubble. A quick and immediate action needs to be done and improve our infrastructure. A country can never function with a decrease in quality and ease of living. 

Please open your eyes Mr President. The truck ban is not the solution for traffic. Regulating our trade that extremely will kill our local businesses and it will effect our businessmen negatively. The answer is improvement of our current roads, creation of new roads, procurement of new technology, proper maintenance and management of our assets, reassessing our traffic system, and the revamping of our infrastructure. Please Mr President, wake up. Shake up and slap those around you while you are at it.