Tuesday, September 23, 2014

[SELF] Life Summit: Living for Eternity

Attended a singles summit last August 23-25, 2014 held at Balay Indang. Its a summit since the organizers (as mentioned by Pastor Jonathan Fenix) wanted that at the end of the event we have a resolution or an action plan in the end. 

Lets do this!
In this 3 day summit, we were exposed to the different points of interest concerning a single or an individual...and what does the Bible (God's word) guide us through them. It can be summed up into this 4 words: Love. Identity. Future. Eternity. or LIFE if you add up the 4 starting letters. 
My message from God in this summit

Love - This concept is the most important part as this will supplement our basic need as a functioning being. Everyone needs love and not everyone is capable of loving so this is where the problem comes in...people who weren't given love by their immediate circle ends up looking for love from other "artificial things" like drugs, escorts, and activities that give you a "high". We fail to recognize that there is only one constant source that we can count on, and that is God's love. I know the idea sounds crazy and too over-the-top but it is indeed true. "God loves you and He has wonderful plans for you." How can I prove this? Well in my personal life, as I look back, there were several reasons for me to quit and "just die"... but God (or the idea of God) sustained me. An ultimate being, a never ending source of love/wisdom/power, is here and he has a plan for me. Each and every time I tend to lose heart and doubt my existence, I look back to all the blessings that have happened in my life and it is reassuring that God was in the works there. God knows us inside out and He made us with a purpose. These incidents happening lately are simply "tests" and preparation for something to come. I do not want to just give up and not see his plan not coming to fruition, I would like to run the race and see to it to the end. But its not just a ONE SIDED love, out of my love for GOD, (i hope) my life is being transformed. Cause I know what he wants me to do and be, I want to do it. Ephesians 3:14-19 summarizes this concept in great detail. The main message now if you believe that God loves you...is to live a life like you truly believe it.

What are the things that make us doubt God?
  • Unfavorable experiences (heart brokeness)
  • Unfounded expectations
    • Do not confuse ability with responsibility. Not because can do it, He needs to. 
    • Should not think that our view of life is the only thing important. 
    • The things you think you are entitled to and get are someone else's loss.
    • Leave ALL things to God since He knows what is best. 
    • Know more about God. This only proves that you do not know him enough.
How do we know God loves us? Through history, consistency, persistence, and through His nature.

How should we respond to God's love?
  • Trust God more and more (regardless)
    • Established in the WORD
    • Expressed in WORSHIP
    • Evidenced by WORKS
    • Exhibits WELL BEING
    • Experienced through WELLNESS
Identity -  We have come to a point that we asked ourselves what our purpose in life is. Who are we. What are born to do. Every now and then whenever these questions pop up, my insecurities came along with them. I used to be burdened and troubled by these impossible questions. Then I was introduced to the concept that I felt misaligned cause I was. The only way I can maximize my full potential was to understand and accept that God has a plan for me....and I had to align myself to that. The question now is how do you know God's plan exactly. This is the tricky part, we have to seek it, ask for it. We need to do our daily reflection and dialogue with God; reading the bible is critical as this is the only way for us to validate our thoughts' alignment with God's word. The road to being a follower of God is very HARD (impossible in fact!) but God will provide as needed. 1 Corinthians 15:9-10 illustrates this in Paul's life. We can be all that we can be with God's grace. Nothing is impossible with Him. 

More often than not we are blinded by the definitions and identities that society dictates to us, this causes us to self loathe and self doubt. We need to understand that we are wonderfully and uniquely made. We are just how we should be. We have to aim to please GOD and not people, this way our work/life/actions will be more satisfying as we know nothing can compare to God's faithfulness. In our lives we encounter a lot of people and its proven that the degree to which we think the other person love us affects our perception of these people and our attitude towards them. But if we have and believe God loves us, then our love source is abundant and we will no longer need or want to be "adored" by people.

What holds us back?
  • Entitlement Mentality - do not forget to always do your best in anything
  • Fear Mismanagement - fear will not allow you to think reasonably. many great people dealt with fear through prayer. As said in a movie " Anger is real but fear is a choice".
  • Laziness - hardwork is a biblical virtue
How can God help us overcome these hindrances?
  • God's grace humbles you - always compare yourself with Christ
  • God's grace will empower you - ability, opportunity, resources, and safety net
  • God's grace will motivate you - a winner's mentality will be blessed 
Couples sharing their story written by God
Future - As we walk forward, we will wonder what lies ahead. If you keep in constant communication and alignment with God then the future will not be scary. With a BIG God, there is nothing you cannot achieve. This covers aspects like school, work, marriage, money, business, and even death. In all these we have to be strong and keep walking just as described in Hebrews 12: 1-3. We have to be careful not to fall into the trap of complacency wherein we take forgranted the blessings or directions from God. We always have to keep our EDGE

E - essence. what is our essence of being. 
D - deliberate visibility. avoid to be associated or be exposed to things that may cause you to stumble. In as much as possible, live in peace.
G - guard liberties. As much as you know, do not succumb to judgement. Make sure to be careful with your decisions. Liberties are given by God but it should not be used to offend the works of God. You can ask the following questions to guide you:
1. What am I in danger of offending?
2. Do I have clearance from the Lord in the matter?
3. Why am I doing this?
4. Who am I affecting by this?
5. What is the final effect of this?
6. What is really important to me?
7. Is this of any profit?
8. How will it affect me if I do not do it?
E - example of integrity. Your word is what you are. reputation is what men think of you; while character is what God knows you to be. 

Eternity - In our hope that our works will transcend in our lifetime, we have to have VISION, DIRECTION, and PASSION in everything we do. Make sure that we do not QUIT in our walk with God.
Q - quenched thirst. We always have to be thirsty for God and fulfilling His work.
U - unusual mentality. We are not different just because we are with God. We will be tested. we will have problems.
I - instinctive. Do not make the mistake of going back to your old ways. be on a proactive lookout.
T - temporal. Make sure not to focus on the present but on the future and whats behind the circumstance. It can either be a test from God and/or a temptation from the Enemy. 

Me with Ardy Roberto at his PERA workshop - Yes God is in control of my finances