Monday, October 20, 2014

[DAY 1] Tokyo: Flight to Tokyo. Ginza shopping. Roppongi hillsobservatory. Don Quijote

As promised I will be documenting per day what we did in our 6 days in Japan last May 2014. The condensed summarized version is in this prior blog post

Welcome to NARITA
Okay so day 1, we landed at the Narita International Airport T2 at around 10:35 AM. We then looked for the ticket station (lowest level in airport) where we can buy the Keisei Skyliner Round Trip + Tokyo Metro 1 Day Open Ticket for 4,500 JPY. This will enable us to ride the Skyliner to Keisei-Ueno Station. Luckily the next train was just 12 nn, so we decided to eat brunch at a nearby cafe called Doutor. I grabbed a smoked salmon sandwich for 410JPY while R grabbed a grilled chicken sandwich for 410JPY. (Tip: Its CLAY-GO here.) We also headed at the GF to look for where we can lend a WIFI for 6 Days, it cost 1290 jpy per day. But its a walking LTE that has no limits, you just have to make sure to return it before you fly out the country. They swiped our card but it will charged when you return the wifi device.
Where to buy tickets
Skyliner ticket
Brunch at Doutor
Doutor Menu

12NN came and we rode the skyliner for 41 minutes. We walked upon deporting from Keisei to Ueno station for about 8 minutes. We then purchased a one pass ticket from Ueno to Tokyo Metro Hibiya for 171 JPY. We rode the train to Hibiya station. Then we looked for the ticket office at the Tokyo Metro Hibiya to purchase our 3 day Tokyo Subway ticket for 1500 JPY. We then used the ticket to get to our hotel at Kayabacho station which was about 9 minutes away

From Kayabacho station we just walked to our hotel Smile Hotel Nihonbashi. Left our luggage at the counter and went to Ginza to shop and sight see. A room with 2 single beds cost around P4000 per night since they had a 32% off. 
Smile Hotel
To get to Ginza, we rode the Tokyo Metro again and got off at the Ginza station. Strolled around and went shopping at the largest UNIQLO store ever 12 FLOORS! and GU. 

From Ginza, we decided to go to Roppongi Hills to eat and stroll around some more. Rode to the train to get to Roppongi station. From here, it was really windy and the jackets we bought at Uniqlo helped. We then went to the Roppongi Hills to eat inside the malls. There were to many people and almost all stores we came in were full. We decided to split up, R and I decided to eat at the fancy looking place since there will be less people. We ate at Chapeau Marugo and tried their catch of the day (1200 JPY) and steak (1900 JPY). It was nothing memorable. After than we then passed by a pastry shop called Creme de la Creme and decided to buy their cream puff for 291 JPY. We then met with our group to proceed with some observatory viewing and then night time shopping. We went to the Mori Tower and paid 1500 JPY to see the Tokyo at night. After 45 minutes, we opted to go night shopping.

From Roppongi we decided to go to Don Quijote. Took the train to Oedo. From Exit 5, took a U-turn and walk to a large intersection. Turn left, followed the road, past a traffic light, and Don Quijote was on the left. It was a high building with lots of items from food, toiletries and what not. I was too tired to care. I just focused on the food section and bought as much chocolates needed to bring home. Overall I spent 3520JPY for all chocolates. Make sure to check the time, you do not want to be left by the train. I think last ride is 11 PM.

From Hibiya station we got back to Kayabacho and headed towards the hotel to sleep. End of day 1.

Precious Tickets

Total Cost: 29,948 JPY
[BRUNCH] Doutor: 410 x 2 = 820
[TRANSPO] Skyliner = 4500
[TRANSPO] 3 day Tokyo metro = 1500 
[TRANSPO] 1 pass to Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line = 171
[HOTL] Smile Hotel = 9600 per night
[SHOPPING] Uniqlo = 2890
[SHOPPING] GU = 3065 
[FOOD] Ginza Bakery = 150
[TRANSPO] Train from Roppongi = 171
[TRANSPO] Train to Roppongi = 171
[ACTIVITY] Mori Tower Observatory = 1500
[FOOD] Chateau Marugo = 3100
[FOOD] Creme de la Creme = 291
[SHOPPING] Don Quijote = 3520