Friday, November 21, 2014

[Craft] Magic containers/balls

Another crafty days with the little ones. This one is a perfect activity for any age and any day especially for Easter. I initially saw something like this shaped like an easter egg with mini chocolate eggs inside and it was lovely! I wanted to do something like that but since I cannot find a egg shaped balloon (dont know how to achieve this) and we didnt have mini chocolate eggs. So we just made do with what we have which are mini letter blocks. 

Total Cost: P150 (makes 5 magic balls)
1 bottle of liquid glue
1 ball of yarn
5 small balloons
1 balloon inflater
several mini toys

We have some yarn from National Bookstore. This one cost around P20. I suggest going for the multi colored ones. We used this since its more absorbent than plastic strings.

Used 10 inch balloons. One costs P10. We bought several colors so that the kids will choose their favorite colors.
Used liquid glue. Should cost around P30 per bottle. Looked for a container where we can dip the cut yarn.

1. Stretch the balloon band as much as possible without tearing up the edges. Then push the letter cube or small object inside the deflated balloon. This is the tricky part. Its quite challenging to push the object inside a very tight space. What I did was I pushed the object in whole then I put in the balloon inflater and slowly push it as further as possible.

2. It should look like these. Take note that you control the amount of air and you can minimize and increase depending on the desired size of the magic container/ball.

3. Cut the yarn to the desired length. Don't be afraid to use a lot since it won't be wasted. Put as much liquid glue as possible in the container and dip/soak the yarn.

4. Once the yarn is all soaked up in glue. Get them and start dong random wraps across the balloon. Be careful not to remove the ones you have wrapped. It should look like the one below. Make sure that you do not leave big spaces between the yarn so that the object side will fall off nor is it too small for you to pop the balloon and retrieve the remains.
5. Let it dry and sit until the whole yarn is dry and solid. Ours took 2 days for it to dry. Once its dry, pop the balloon since and you will be left with a magical ball. People will be wondering how you got the toy/object side the ball.

Really enjoyed this experiment. I can imagine the possibilities. Hope you enjoy it too.