Monday, January 26, 2015

Bangkok Full Itinerary 2013

Last Aug 31, 2013, my sister and I together with her friend Dulci went to another adventure to Bangkok. Our trip lasted from Aug 31 to Sept 7. I cannot ever get tired of this city, and amazingly this trip was really different from my last year trip.

Day 0: We arrived in Bangkok at almost 12 Midnight, we called a cab to bring us to the our hotel: Hotel de Bangkok. Overall, we paid about 900Baht for the cab. We paid $63.24 per night for our room. When we got to the hotel, sadly there were not any rooms available at that time even though we purchased our rooms via Agoda. To remediate the problem, they gave us a bigger room: Deluxe Room even though we only paid for Standard room. But the catch here was since our room was more expensive we have to pay extra for our breakfast buffet everyday, so overall it cost us 600Baht per person for the breakfast. When we got to the deluxe room, it was SUPER AWESOME. The room was allocated for 3 people, but i must say...5 people could have fit here well. We had a receiving area, with couches and all. Cabinets to fit a month stay. We had 1 big queen size bed and 1 king sized bed. We had a shower and a bath area. The interiors were very chic and i just love the choice of colors: lime green, orange, and purple. The only odd thing here is the toilet walls...they are made out of glass. Good thing there are roller shades, but sometimes I still felt awkward thinking my companions might be seeing me. So took a shower and it was lala land for me.
Deluxe Room
Day 1: Woke up the next morning ready and prepared for my conquest of Bangkok's Jatu Jak Market again. I set out downstairs to eat my breakfast buffet, had my daily soup, toast, eggs, rice, sausages, milk, and juice. So off we went to Jatujak market, but before that we did a quick stop at Citibank ATM to withdraw. The weather was very hot, so hot that we ended up walking 10 minutes from where the cab left us...and decided to do a quick stop on the JatuJak mall instead. Here we bought some milktea and cooled down a bit. After we were okay, we decided to go to the market. Walking around the small paths of the market brought back good memories. I bought myself dresses and some kettle pots as a gift. After we walked more and had ourselves satisfied with our "dress" loot. We went back to the JatuJak mall and ate lunch at their food court. It was definitely easier to eat here rather than in the actual market (like what we did last year). So in the mall, there were counters of different cuisines and you had a food court card that you have to load with credits. Their food varied to chinese, thai, american, etc.. I decided to look for something spicy and ended my meal with their local dessert. We did not last long in Jatu Jak, we ended up going to the nearby stalls in Platinum Mall. We stayed here until late night. Then we took the cab to back to our hotel.

Day 2: We woke up and prepared ourselves to go to All Season Siam Hotel 9 AM for our tour pickup to Dream World Theme Park. We booked all our tours via Hotels2Thailand. This is the package we got for Dream World for $45 per person. This includes a lunch voucher and snow town is excluded. We took a van to Dream World and the ride took about 1-2 hours. Dream World was mostly open and it was really hot. But the trip was worth it, they had so many rides I haven't seen before. I especially liked the "Giant room" wherein everything was big and we looked small in comparison. There was the "Small World Wonders" which I also liked since I got to see very beautiful sites. And another major highlight was the "Snow Town" which we LOVED, we did the ice sledding many many times and played with the adorable decorations. We got back around 3PM, washed up and went out to the stalls near Platinum Mall again to shop and eat.
Riding the crazy train
Entrance of Dream World
Dream World Signage
Small World Wonders
Giant Room
Ice Sledding
Day 3: Woke up and left the hotel at 7 AM for Ayutthaya & Bang-Pa-In Palace Tour by Hotels2Thailand. We paid $60 per head for this. We took the bus one way and a cruise ship on the way back. It was really hot so I decided to wear sleeveless tops. But when we got to the Ayutthaya, I was asked to wear a rented top. I looked like a local tour guide. haha. But it was a nice stroll, we saw the reclining buddha...the natural buddha head, and the king's palace. On the way back to the city, we took a cruise ship where our lunch buffet was served. After eating a lot, I went up the deck and sunbathed myself to experience and see all temples by the river. It was a good day!

  Day 4: I took my cooking class at Silom Thai Cooking School (my experience and review) and my sister went around shopping while waiting for me to finish my class. My cooking class started 9 AM and ended around 12 NN. It was also my lunch so when I met with my sister, we went to Platinum Mall to shop. Noodle place and then massage. 

Day 5: Platinum Mall Shopping and side street shopping. We discovered that the best shopping place is at the stalls right across Platinum Mall. Its crowded but its worth it. You can get nice dresses for just 200-250 Baht. Just get 3 pieces. I saw the shorts I bought here for cheaper the price! We will shop here instead forever. haha. Then right across Platinum Mall there is also a smaller mall but the difference here is that its less visited and a lot of the vendors here are wholesalers. You can find a clothing supplier here. We talked to a vendor here and she said she is willing to do business and the minimum order is at around 500 pieces. She will ship them via ship containers. Then we also found the "schuberry" manufacturer, you can get their tops for just 60 Baht! A far price away from the price sold at Jatu Jak or Platinum Mall. Ate dinner at a local noodle store. Massage at our favorite massage place.

Day 6: Packing Day! And some more shopping. Left for the airport 10 PM to catch our midnight flight.We took a cab that was called by the hotel reception. After that it was smooth and easy until our flight.