Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thaipan Restaurant Review: Quezon City

Missed Thai food and suggested to my family to try ThaiPan. It's conveniently located at Sct. Dr. Lazcano, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila, Philippines. With about 4-5 cars for side street parking, do not worry as it has a guard to look over your car. What drawn me to this restaurant was its online reviews that said it was very authentic and the pictures did look scrumptious. So my family went ahead and ate lunch here. To book or inquire about them, you may contact 3524926 or 09178080718

As you can see from the photos below, the place did not lack style. It was very modern and had a very comfortable feeling. Just by their logo alone, you can sense their taste for design. Their food were equally presented. They have a AL FRESCO place that can sit about 18-20 people. Then they have more seats inside with air conditioning for about 18-20 people too. Their furniture outside were posh but we decided to seat inside since its way too hot. 

Al fresco
Al Fresco seats
Loved their decals
Placemat works well with color of logo
Now onto the food review:
The challenge - FEAST OF THE HUNGRY
Most often when you look for Thaipan reviews, you will often if not always see their Pad Thai (P315) as their star. I could not blame you. It was presented so beautifully that it was almost a sin to mix it up. To be different, the image below is the reality of how it looks when you mix it up for eating. This is Thailand's staple food and its a must try. Their Pad Thai is not salty and the noodles were tender to chew. Flavor was well balanced.
Mixed Pad Thai (P315)
Another must try is the Crispy Whole Fish, this is deep fried fish that was served as poppers. It was very tasty and yummy since there were no fine bones.The sauces that complimented it, really gives it justice. This is a must try!

Crispy Whole Fish (Pla Som Rod) - P80 per 100grams

A good dish for squid lovers. Squid was well cooked that it was easy to chew. And the rich flavors of the sauce makes it a party!
Pla Meuk Goong Nam Prik Phao (P320)
The typical starter that is so addicting to eat. String beans give the crunch that is needed to make you eat more. Sadly, ThaiPan was not able to execute this properly that it came out TOO SALTY. I do not recommend this dish for the taste, but I do appreciate the crunchiness of the beans.
Spicy string beans (P285)
The chunk of meat is basically barbequed pork ribs marinated with cinnamon and lemon. This is very tender and yummy! Recommend this!
See Khrong Moo Yaang (P260)
These are crispy shrimp served with plum sauce. The plum sauce is really good. It was perfect with the fried shrimp.
Tung Tong (P240)
These spring rolls are very fine to eat while hot!
Paw Pia Thawt (P220)
This is another staple food in thailand. Their own version of hot and sour soup with prawn and mushrooms. Its sour and I like the consistency of the broth.
Tom Yum Kung (P340)
Mango shake. Nothing much to say. Its fresh fruits and perfect for hot climate.
Fresh Mango Shake (P85)
This is odd and interesting, surprisingly it wasn't bad. It's okay to try.

Thai Mango Coconut Smoothie (P115)
Overall, I would say Thaipan is a good place to chill/treat out people. It is very posh and comfortable. The food is very presentable and delicious. Given its asian food, the more variety...the merrier.

Happy tripping!