Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whole Pet Kitchen Review - Feat @happy_pishu

Last January 10, 2015, Pishu had a day out. We went to R's house to exhibit his tricks (you can view his videos at his IG account at happy_pishu), then went to Whole Pet Kitchen to eat lunch, and lastly strolled around Robinson's Magnolia to eat snacks at Arya's cafe.
The green wall
Whole Pet Kitchen is one of the few dedicated dog cafe's in the Philippines. It is the first NATURAL healthy pet bakery. They are located at 349-D CM Recto St Brgy Addition Hills San Juan del Monte (you can search google maps). They are open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. They have side road parking that can accommodate 2 cars (which are in front of the store), more cars can actually park but it will not be store front. The store is quite small and has 3 major table sections + counter/kitchen. It is advisable to call first (63 23572753) to ensure that you have a space. They have their own website where you can buy their products and a facebook page where you can view their updates. 
Sister and pishu outside the store
Going back, so they have a very lovely interior design. They have the walls painted in vertical stripes. And they even have a cute mini sofa for dogs to sit at. They allow the dogs to walk freely inside the store. If they poo or pee, you can clean them up as they have a cleaning station to help you clean. They also sell diapers for the more sensitive ones. They have house rules posted on the tables, a rule example is "DOG should be FREE of FLEAS." So make sure to clean up your dog as a courtesy to the other guests. 
Pishu and his food
Pishu loves them pillows
Wall Interiors
Besides the high ratings online, what makes Whole Pet Kitchen different is their products. They make them from natural sources which are packed with healthy "human grade" ingredients. They started out as a home based bakery and grew to a dog cafe. To date, they are valued by customers "worldwide" and continue to get a lot of attention for the dog pastries. I will definitely buy one for pishu come his birthday on October. Check their facebook for samples of their cakes.
Dog cake in the making
Food Display
Food. They have a menu for humans and a menu for dogs. They also have a display of the different dog treats, pastries, and goodies they sell. A picture is shown below to enumerate what they have. Their dog food ranges from 75-90 pesos while the b. It is pricey but its usually like this for pet cafes. We ordered their best seller Jack's Lasagna (P88) for pishu and Lalalasagna (P258) for me. Jack's Lasagna is made up of semolina lasagna sheets, organic VCO, pork, liver, beef, carrots, homemade yogurt, swamp cabbage, tomatoes, basil, and cheese. Not bad for P88! Sadly Pishu being accustomed to human food preferred my version of Lasagna. We decided to take home his. 
Dog Menu
Human Menu
Jack's Lasagna
Feeding pishu with doggie utensils
They have a resident dog called Jack (Golden Retriever). He was so sweet and massive compared to pishu. The dog owners are usually friendly and allow other dogs/owners to interact with other pets. It was fun to see pishu interact with other dogs. So even if you do not have a dog, you can go here and maybe play around with the guest dogs.
Pishu is so small
Groupfie with Jack
Massive Jack
 Overall it was a very good experience and I am very happy with their service. I will definitely recommend this place to pet lovers. I will see you at Whole Pet Kitchen.
pishu at the sofa