Monday, February 2, 2015

[Day 2] Tokyo: Idabashi. Artnia. Kiddyland at Harajuku.

Our 2nd day started out when we went to Idabashi for geisha lookouts, 9 AM. We took the train from Kayabacho station to Kagurazaka Station. From there we used google maps and asked locals for directions. Upon getting on site, we just strolled the narrow streets and took photos with the quaint Japanese houses. We werent able to see any geisha since we were too early. But its okay, we were able to eat some red bean in a cake-like fish for 266 yen. 

We then separated ways from our friends since they will go to Odaiba while me and R will go toy hunting in akihabara and shinjuku. But before that we had errands to do, we took the train and went to Shinjuku station. From Shinjuku station we asked the information desk on how to get to Highway Bus station. Again the locals were very helpful and we were able to find and buy tickets to Mt Fuji/ Shibazakura festival. Here is the official website of the Highway Bus station. We bought Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station for 3500 yen per person (2 way)
Looking for the bus ticketing office at 2nd floor
Then we proceeded to eat lunch at a restaurant in Shinjuku station called Kajin, we ate Omurice and Curry rice again! haha. We spent 2280 yen for 2 meals. On our way out of the station we saw the Plaza at Lumine. We saw a lot if cute novelty items, we bought some like owl shaped templates for eggs and salt/pepper shakers in snow globe style. We spent 2894 yen here. 
We then used our trusty google maps to look for Artnia (part 1 of our toy hunting). R and I are fans of final fantasy, and we were really looking forward to see one of the Final Fantasy cafes. It took some good 10-15 mins walk from the station to finally get to the egg shaped store. Upon getting there, we looked around the store. Checked the merchandise and the rune room. Sadly, it was not as amazing as we thought to be. The merchandise was nothing special or fancy, we did not buy anything. It was very small and it had an area for the cafe. We decided to try their themed foods too. We ordered the Cactuar pancake which took about some good 45 mins to serve. It was just pancake with whipped cream. It cost us 980 yen. Presentation was nicely done, but the serving time just took too long... that when it was served we were too eager to just finish and move onto the next agenda item. 
We then decided to go to Harajuku to check out Kiddyland, a toy store in Tokyo. We just wondered around the streets of Harajuku when we saw a Takoyaki stand and decided to buy some, it cost 550 a stick. It was not as good as the one we ate at the temple. This was very mediocre. We strolled some more, checked clothes, mini shops, until we reached Kiddyland. We stayed there for a good 1-2 hours, ended up buying toys for the little kids back home and a house puzzle Ponyo for me. We spent a good 11296 yen here. 
For dinner, we saw a very long line for this restaurant called Eggs & Things. We decided to give it a shot. They serve Waikiki food. The waiting time was very long and we were asked to only eat for about 19 mins. Wow. But they did not ask us to leave even though we exceeded the 19 minute mark. Food was good. Spent 3700 here.
Eggs and Things
Day 2 total expense: 29426 yen
[LUNCH] Kajin - 2280
[DINNER] Eggs and things - 3700
[SHOPPING] Plaza - 2894
[SNACK] Takoyaki - 550
[SNACK] Red bean - 226
[SHOPPING] Kiddyland - 11296
[SNACK] Artnia - 980
[TRANSPO] Bus Ticket - 7000
[TRANSPO] Odaiba Train - 500

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