Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[ACTIVITY] Popin Cookin Sushi Making Kit

I have recently found a new awesome activity for the little ones (even the adults)! And its all due to the insistent encouragement of my younger sister. She has been looking for it for years now, she keeps seeing it in the youtube channels that she follows. Luckily the one we purchased had english instructions, because usually the ones she sees are those without english instructions.

Japanese Instructions
English Instructions
We were able to purchase a Popin Cookin Sushi Making Kit. Basically its a "candy kit" that allows you to make sushi shaped realistic looking gummy candies with a special mixing powder and water! It even has its own candy flavored soy sauce!! Its Japan made and is very safe to eat. In fact my whole family ate it. haha. It was satisfyingly good. (Should you be interested to order, drop me a note and I will let you know if its available for shipment.) I have created another one, its MINI TAKOYAKI. Blog post to follow.
Final Product
It was so cool! Seriously! Just check out the photos I took of what my sister did during the entire process. This is truly perfect for kids and adults play time. I RECOMMEND IT!

What's Inside
Start washing your hands now!
So it starts off with you opening the plastic packet and getting all the labelled packets out. Then spread the plastic wrapping to make it into your very own sushi making mat.

What's Inside Part 2
Pour some water into the plastic case, its the space on the top most.  
Rice is made by putting water on the oval-shaped space until the limit line using the dropper. Then add the "rice-making powder" and mix using the spoon provided. Keep mixing until you gain a consistency of rice.

Egg Roll is made by putting water on the space with whirly shapes. Add the "egg roll making powder" and mix using the spoon provided. Spread it flat while mixing.

Tuna is made by putting water on the space with wavy shapes. Add the "tuna making powder" and mix using the spoon provided. Spread it flat while mixing.

Its seaweed time! Spread the black soft candy on the outer plastic with the guide on the size for the salmon egg sushi.

This is the most amazing part. Make the salmon eggs by dissolving 2 cool powder. Be careful not to mix the "A" and the "B" mixtures together. Put water on both containers. Add the "salmon egg making powder A" on the container A and mix well. Add the "salmon egg making powder B" on the container B and mix well. Then use dropper to suck the liquid from container B and drop small amounts in container B. Then voila! Salmon eggs!

Make the soy sauce by putting water on the oval shape using the dropper. Half fill it with water. Add the "soy sauce making powder" and mix. Done!
Soy Sauce!
Making sushi! Its very similar to all 4 kinds.
1. Roll enough rice and make it into a ball or oval.
2. Top it with a sliced egg roll or tuna. Place it above. Refer to image below. Done!
3. Wrap the seaweed into the rice and top it with the salmon eggs. Use the spoon. Done!

see the seaweed?

Putting some salmon eggs
Try it out! It is super fun and amazing!