Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dineout: Online Reservation System

With the busy work schedules and hectic meetings left and right, its hard to find time to look for meeting venues and to actually call to make reservations each time. So thank God for DineOut.Ph. Last Feb, I had the chance to try it out.

Overview: is a online premier restaurant reservation system.They have restaurant listings with reviews/mood matcher/location detector to help you find the perfect restaurant for the occasion, get exclusive promotions with their partner restaurants (like 10% off your total bill) and even EARN POINTS (act like money) every time you book. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Convenience + Perks! And it doesn't cost anything. is a FREE online service that is available 24x7.

Facebook page:
What is Dineout Video:

Below are screens on my account creation and reservation placement. Its so simple and easy!

Input details about your account
Email will be sent to verify account - make sure to input the right email address
if you try to access your account without confirming via email
Confirmation email - click on the link provided

Log in to your account and go to your preferred restaurant to reserve
Reservation confirmation! you can even send it to your meeting attendees via email
Here is a email confirmation I got from DineOut. Take note it says I will get 100 Dineout Points.
Just fast forward, my Gaucho meeting went smoothly. I just came into the restaurant 15 mins before my reservation and I said Dineout. And they directed me to my reserved table. No fuzz! Loved the experience. Highly recommend it!