Friday, March 27, 2015

[WEDDING] Ting Hun Preparations


There are a lot of "Chinese" people born and raised here in the Philippines. Given this, many elders try to preserve their Chinese roots/cultures as much as they can. One of the most elaborate and highly respected is the wedding ceremony or specifically the "joining of 2 families" into one. The whole ceremony consist of phases and rituals, all of which are just too much to discuss in one entry. So let me just focus on the usual things that matter most in preparation.

This blog post will be discussing the materials needed to prepare for an engagement and the event program that can be followed by the couple. The program was just created by me, so feel free to modify it as needed. (Should you need a coordinator or a help in assisting you in your tinghun, give me a note I'll help you) Disclaimer, the information here are based on research on several online sites and a mini booklet called my Little Kan Chiu Book. It can be bought for P100 at the New Victory Trading store in Ongpin. Actually almost everything you need for a chinese wedding can be purchased at the New Victory Trading. They are known for being experts and have been in existence for 3 generations. They are located at 754 Ongpin St, Binondo, Manila Metro Manila, Philippines.
 Before the TingHun, there are 2 things that the couple's family must do.
Kiu Hun - The groom’s family brings basket of fruits and sweets to the bride’s family (round fruits). The groom formally ask the girl's hand in marriage. Here is where they talk about the wedding details.

Kwa Dit Tsi/Look for Date - Consult a feng shui expert on date and time of ting hun and wedding.

Ting Hun - Chinese engagement. Everything has to be prepared in pairs. This is the event wherein the groom's family will be introduced to the girl's family. This is commonly known for the tea ceremony and gift exchange which show respect and capacity to provide. As mentioned, I will not be discussing the significance but it will be more for what to prepare. Less stress for the couple. Below are the usual/traditional stuff prepared by the couple, it does not have to be done "to the dot" a lot of these are "unusable" in today's modern times.

Gifts prepared by the bride:
  1. Jewelry
    1. Men’s watch
    1. Men’s necklace with medallion pendant
    1. Men’s bracelet/ring (optional)
  1. Food
    1. Cake (should be round or heart shape)
      1. Bigger size of cake with groom’s name (in Chinese characters) Dragon design
      1. Smaller size of cake with bride’s name (in Chinese characters) Phoenix design
    1. I sit chao hu (herbs, etc..)
    1. 4 pieces Pomelo
    1. 2 kilos of uncooked rice
    1. 120 pieces of raw eggs with sang hee stickers
    2. 3 kinds of Chinese hopia (special bean-filled pastry) set
    3. Assorted candies and/or cookies in chinese candy tray 
    4. *Gown, shoes, bag for the event
  1. Other  items
    1. Red table cloth (bridal satin) to be used to cover display table
    1. Suit/barong material for the groom placed in a chinese engagement box with sang hee stickers
    1. Plastic bags or gift boxes for the giveaway
    1. Ke Tseng items, hence must be new
      1. Candy Tray
      1. Tea Set
      1. Bowl Set
      1. Chopsticks
Gifts prepared by the groom:
  1. Jewelry
    1. Wedding rings
    1. Lady’s watch
    1. Lady’s necklace with medallion pendant
    1. A pair of Chinese bangles bonded by red thread
    1. Sets of jewelries placed in a red box
  1. Food
    1. 4 Pomelo
    1. Chinese wedding misua in red boxes
    1. Canned pork leg (in even numbers)
    1. Assorted cookies and candies
    1. Chocolate coins or bouillon
    1. 4 chinese hopia set
    1. Canned fruit cocktails (in even numbers)
    1. Canned peach halves (in ieven numbers)
    1. Boxes of fruits (in even numbers)
  1. Other items:
    1. 12 boxed outfit for the bride/ Fabric (Quantity of clothes/fabric should be in even numbers), usually barong or lace material
    1. Ang Paos (2 pairs of Ang Paos, one pair of small amount and one pair of big amount) *will be returned to the guy
    2. 4 yards of red satin cloth
    1. Red thread
    1. Flowers
      1. One box of corsage
      2. One box of boutonnière
      3. Six (6) or eight (8) varieties of flowers (all colors are allowed except white); best to ask chinese florist
    1. Gifts for the bride's parents and elder members (ang kong, ama)
    1. A pair of sin na (a 4-layered basket made out of bamboo)
  1. Notes:
    1. Newspaper announcement of the couple's engagement on a local chinese newspaper on the day of the ting hun
Ting Hun Details:
  1. Ting Hun Guests/Participants: Groom's engagement party. Bride's engagement party, family, relative, and friends.
  2. Ting Hun Engagement Party: 6, 10, 12 people to represent per side. Choose elder people who have impact on couple's lives. Make sure no one is chong/in conflict with the couple. This article will help you know who is your zodiac friend and enemy.


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