Monday, May 11, 2015

Puzzle Gourmet Store Cafe Review - Quezon City

Last May 9, 2015... I had one of those special events in life called a Ting Hun (chinese engagement party). It was attended by my and my partner's immediate family and our very close friends/relatives. After the ceremony and lunch reception, we head straight to the Puzzle Gourmet Store Cafe for our photoshoot. This place was recommended by my photographer friend of 311 Art Images, Aika Guerrero.

the gourmet store at the back sells awesome unique finds without the "extra" we get from groceries
Puzzle is located at #1 Comets Loop, Blue Ridge B, Quezon City. They are open from Monday to Saturday until 10 PM (best place to hang out). Its has ample parking up to 6 cars. They have a guard to assist in double parking. Its beside an art gallery. Its outside look is amazing with its wooden panels and awesome decals. I love the hanging lights outside. And the inside is just SOOOO BUSY with details. I love every bit of the place down to its quirky details and patterns. The person who designed the place definitely had a purpose <stimulating people with autism>. They have a lot of fun board games to play with and not to mention the amazing food selections. <I do not have the official photos from Aika yet, but once I do I will post it here so that you can see how amazing it is.>
Make your pledge to raise awareness!
But more than the food and interior design... I love the advocacy and the reason behind the cafe. It is actually an Autism-friendly cafe wherein Ms Canoy (general manager) together with trainees (with autism) serve clients. It is a place wherein trainees are given a stimulating environment to enhance their social skills and productiveness. They also aim to spread awareness on autism and what we can do about it. I just love this place to bits. The people here are just so friendly and kind that you cannot help but love them. Even to the point that Ms Canoy allowed us to take photos at the cafe as long as we eat inside the cafe. We did not pay any premium unlike the other cafe's. It is really a nice quiet place that I see myself visiting often.
We love Puzzle Gourmet & Cafe
Moving on to the food, they serve different kinds of food <menu>. They sell asian fusion, whole day breakfast, delis, italian pastas, hearty sandwiches and even vegetarian food. The price is just right and presentation/portioning is good. Serving is okay and timely. Take note they only accept cash at the moment. They not only serve good food but the place itself got me. :)
Who can say no to breakfast all day?
Kids will love-love these
For the big ones
Our total bill for the night. Not bad! I even ended up buying Risotto from the gourmet store.
Siomai Love <P135>
Rice and Siomai to fill up the tummy. Serving size is your standard cup rice and 4 piece siomai. 
Sweepsteaks Imbento Box <P490>
Their complete meal. Comes with rice, soup, soba noodles, stir-fried veggies, and premium tenderloin beef. It is very tasty and R liked it. Its a bit salty for my taste.

Classic Waffle <P145> + Puzzle Iced Tea Carafe <P160>
Sweet heaven of waffle batter and butter! Loved their mixture.

Frozen Brazo <P150>
Their frozen brazo was a great sugar treat. It was not too sweet and the coldness was just RIGHHT~~~


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