Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TingHun Cakes by Ene King

In relation to my Ting Hun/ chinese engagement posts, this is another major component in the event. Couple cakes. These cakes play an important part in the ceremony and needs to be prepared by the girl/bride side. Normally the groom cake is 12 inches big and contains his chinese name with a dragon symbol on it, while the bride cake is 10 inches big and contains her chinese name with a phoenix symbol. Personally I prefer the Red and Gold color combination since it matches everything on the ting hun ceremonial table (which is red). 

Just to reiterate the cake ceremony:
The groom after the egg soup and misua eating portion, will take both cakes <in box> and carry it around the bride's house twice. The groom will carry the one with the bride's name, and a male representative will carry the one with the groom;s name. They can either take a car or just walk. If riding a car, the groom needs to honk the horn whenever he passes by the gate of the bride's house. The driving around the block symbolizes the unending union of the couple. The groom returns back to house carrying only the cake with the name of the groom and leaves the cake of the girl in the car.  

Anyway, just to share with you my amazing discovery... since on average the market price of ting hun couple cakes ranges from 5000-8000 pesos for 2 cakes. I suggest you to look/book with Ene King. She is a dear friend of mine and has a masteral degree in food technology. So you can be sure that your cake will taste delicious. My cakes cost 3588 pesos, delivered to my house before the tinghun ceremony started <made fresh>, created with all the specifications I asked <intricate animal designs, chinese characters, gold/red finish>, and was made healthy! My cake is created with the best and healthiest ingredients --- a banana cake inside. Not the typical butter cake which is bad for your health. 

I am really happy with my cake and the output, since not only did it look good but it tastes really good too. The banana cake was very moist even after 5 days. It was very tasty.  

Take note that the cake price/quotation will depend on the specifications you want, it can go lower or higher. But anyway, for your cake and pastry check out Ene King. And I am sure you will not be disappointed with the quality, price, and service. She makes all the cakes herself so make sure you book early so that she can block off that date for you. You may contact her via:
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Mobile - 09179033393
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