Wednesday, May 6, 2015

[WEDDING] Fil-Chi Ting Hun Program

1.    The groom’s entourage party is only limited to 6, 10, or 12 people. I think this is to avoid crowding the house of the bride.
2.    Guests whose zodiac is in conflict with the couple are not encouraged to witness the ceremony.
3.    No unhappy colors can be worn. Examples are blue, black, and white. But combinations are welcome. Warm colors are preferred. Make up light and pretty.

Ting Hun Event Proper:
1.    Bride's parents welcome the groom's family to the main front door. Usually the items are carried in order of their value
·         Groom enter venue with a box of corsage or 2 bouquet of flowers
·         Followed by parents carrying gifts
·         Followed by other relatives carrying gifts and sin ha
2.    The groom's mother will fix red ceremonial table (helped by the bride's mother), this is where the gifts will be placed. This signifies that groom’s mother takes the bride as her daughter-in-law.
3.    Engagement party takes seats in rows facing each other.
4.    At the decided time, the bride enters the ceremonial room walking backward accompanied by a lucky female relative (have kids and have both parents alive). [The groom should stand at this time.] The bride is turned three times clockwise by her escort before she can look at the groom. This signifies smooth transition from singlehood to being engaged.
5.    Groom and Bride seats down.
6.    [Female bride members] Candies in tray are offered to guests
7.    [Female bride members] Welcome drink such as red or orange juice are offered (eldest to youngest, before it is served to the marrying couple)
8.    Gift Giving Ceremony (while this is happening [Female bride members] Prepares hot water and tea set for tea ceremony)
·         Guy attaches corsage on the girl
·         Girl gets boutonniere and pins it on the guy.
·         Guy's mother puts on the bangles (double bangles tied with red thread) on the girl
·         Guy's father puts on the medallion/necklace on the girl
·         Guy's elder relative puts on the watch on the girl
·         Girl's mother puts on the medallion/necklace on the guy
·         Girl's father puts on the watch on the guy
·         *optional* Girl's elder relative puts on the bracelet on the guy
·         Guy gets the wedding ring and slides this on to the girl's ring finger (4th finger on left hand)
·         Girl gets the wedding ring and slides this on to the guy's ring finger (4th finger on left hand)
9.    Tea Ceremony -  Through this ceremony, the bride is formally introduced to the family of the groom
·         The bride serves the tea to the groom's family in order of seniority. Groom holds tea tray first
·         The groom serves the tea to the groom's family in order of seniority. Bride tea tray
10.  Family Pictorial (while this is happening [Female bride members] Prepares table, egg soup, and misua)
·         Newly engaged couple
·         Couple with bride's parents
·         Couple with bride's immediate family
·         Couple with both parents
·         Couple with groom's parents
·         Couple with groom's immediate family
·         Couple with groom's engagement party
·         Couple with bride's engagement party
·         Couple with bride's relative
·         Couple with bride's friends
11. Egg soup and misua eating. Bride's mother invites engagement party for egg soup and misua eating. A bowl of sweet egg soup (2 pcs of hard boiled eggs + 2 ang cho + sugar cubes) and misua is served.  *Note: Always leave everything in the bowl to be half and the boy’s eldest representative is always served first and the couple last. While this is happening….
·         [Bride’s mother] Returns the Ang Pao to the groom.
·         [female relatives] Other guests are served misua
·         [female relatives] Distribute flowers to single ladies
·         [female realtives] Put candies, goodies, canned pork in goodie bags for giveaways during the reception
·         Groom and a male relative will bring the both engagement cakes outside or to their car. Groom carries bride's cake and male representative carries groom's cake. Ride around the block for 2 times, honking each time they pass by. This signifies that the couple should always share the same path in life.
·         Groom comes back with only the groom's cake and gives it to the bride. Leave the bride's cake in the car. It is advised to wait 3 full days before slicing the cake.
13. Gift return to the groom's family (in bride's perspective) – done by bride’s entourage
·         Exchange 4 pomelo's with the groom's family (signifies harmony between families)
·         Place the Bridal Satin Set (Red satin with 2 kilos of rice) on top the yen chi tiak sim sin na layer to be given to the guy
·         Place the I sit chao hu in another sin na later to be given to the guy
·         120 eggs
·         Half of flowers
·         Half of the Sin Na's contents are divided in to half
14. Couple mingles with all guests
15. Couple photoshoot before going to the reception
16. Go to reception to eat with other guests; make sure to bring flowers for the single ladies so that you can give them out at the reception area.