Thursday, June 4, 2015

311 Art Images: Three Eleven Art Images

Another must and cannot be compromised component of any ceremony is the documentation, I was fortunate to be able to meet Aika Guerrero of 311 Art Images. When I met her and saw her works, R and I knew she was the one. We decided to book her right there and then for our engagement ceremony.
With Aika and Jam <3 311 Art Images Women
We love having fun.

311 Art Images is famed for their natural and straightfromthecamera shots that require no editing. Their lead photographer Aika was able to show us exactly what that meant. The whole time during the event she was tweaking her camera and taking shots, after the day she gave me the option if I want to get the RAW photos or get it via CD. Her works are polished that they require no editing at all. Straight from the camera afterall.
All Natural Light
Playing with the ceiling design of Choi Garden

Aika is a master of her own. She started photography 2010, worked for Imagine Nation, did works in Middle East, and started 311 Art Images. Besides her undeniable talent, what draw me to Aika was her eye for detail and her passion for life. She was very easy to get along with and was very proud of her faith. All the more I know she will not fail me, cause she will not fail Him. To learn more about 311 art images refer here.

We were all pleased with the output and frienship with Aika. She delivered and I am proud to recommend her to my friends cause I am sure she will not disappoint. She was able to capture the happenings and sequence of events without fault (I was able to make a documented photobook of the day) and we did an post engagement shoot after at Puzzle Cafe. To get in touch with her, you may reach her via facebook, and mobile (917.540.2452). Check out the facebook page for all their great portfolio.
Posed shots are all directed by Aika
She doesnt forget the fun stolen shots
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