Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge Review - Loyola Heights Quezon City

After all the interesting happenings lately, we wanted to celebrate our 91st monthsary and engagement with none other than Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge. I have been dreaming and planning to eat at this beautiful place ever since last year when I discovered it by going through random websites. Luckily, I saw they have an active promotion at CashCashPinoy. For just P1699, you are able to get their signature romantic dinner for 2, plus it comes with petals and lovelocks. More than the surreal ambiance of this restaurant, the food is nothing less than best. From the moment I saw their menu, I knew I have to try them. They fused together ingredients I do not normally see people doing. Made my mouth water and heart race.

More Ninyo Details
Ninyo is located at 66 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines. They are almost right across Ateneo de Manila University. Once you are along Katipunan, turn right at Shakeys then take the first right. Go straight and watch out for their Ninyo (black/white) signage on the right side, its beside EAT and INFINITEA. Best to call them for reservations so that you can get the spot that you want. They have air conditioned rooms both common (1st floor) and private rooms (2nd floor), and they have the outdoor private gazebo's for a more romantic feel. It would really depend on what you are after, the private room at the 2nd floor is perfect for intimate family/friend dinners; whereas the private gazebo is perfect for those one-to-one talks, downside are the mosquitoes and hot weather (they provide mini fans). You can reach them via telephone 4260301 or mobile 09175302580. They have gated parking spaces good for 5-6 cars. The restaurant setup is really beautiful complimented well by its rocks, plants, and wooden accents. No dress code for this hidden gem. They are open every Tuesday to Sunday 11 AM to 2 PM and 6 PM to 10 PM so plan accordingly.
Pretty setup
When we got to the restaurant we were led to a private gazebo and I just loved their setup. Our table had its table napkins folded into a shirt and had petals scattered on the floor. We we were given different degustation menus and we chose the third one. Degustation C: Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon and Beef Salpicao Teppan Style. Once the waiter took our order to the kitchen, we used that time to walk around the area and took photos within the vicinity. Good thing we got here by 6PM so it still wasn't dark and when the food came it was just perfectly dim. The waiters were really kind that they even took photos of us posing on the unused gazebos. Not long after, our Amuse Bouche arrived with an entrance. It was so beautifully presented that I just know that it would be a great night. We were served some Wasabi Fried Oyster Tempura. True to its reputation, its AMAZING! I loved the starter so much sadly it just had to be a piece per person. We also had some Citrus Fusion Iced Tea to wash all our food down. Next we were served with some Nori Pumpkin Soup. For those who know me, I just love how they know me so well. I liked their pumpkin soup, its a bit sweet. Next we were served with some Yuzu Sorbet, it was very pleasant with the hot weather. It has a very citrus sour flavor with I enjoyed. Next was the Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon and Beef Salpicao Teppan Style. The salmon by itself was not unique but its sauce was just perfect! I love how they made citrus miso sauce work so well. It was a match made in heaven. I loved how every single taste from the fish and veggies heightened. The beef was also tasty as any properly beef should be, the memorable piece here was the cute quail eggs. They were amazingly cute. To end it off, they served us our 2 desserts separately with a "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" greeting. It was really sweet of them. We were served with some Creme Brulee and Mango Pavlova. They were really sweet and a good way to end a very beautiful course. 
Food photos in order
BUT! It does not end there. When you think its all over, our waiter comes along and gave us a pen with lock and key. We were told we can put "our" lock in their lock fence. We did not do this during our korea trip since it was expensive, but we decided to join in the fun. We wrote our initials on the lock and joined it with the rest of the locks. Ninyo will always have a place in our hearts and their gate with always have us (unless they remove it haha).
Love Lock May 2015
My conclusion, our empty plates per course would suffice to prove that they planned their portioning and sequencing well that I did not have any place for a post craving after. I highly recommend Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge for food enthusiasts, lovers, and families. Chef NiƱo will not disappoint. The restaurant ambiance and food creativity is a feast for the eyes and tongue. Price is a bit pricey but can be managed if properly planned. They usually have promotions so follow their Facebook Page. Service is superb. Loved their waiters for their attentiveness. Also I heard that their wine selection is also exquisite, maybe next time when I am more qualified I will have enough budget to try them. Until then I will be happy with my Oyster Tempura and Miso Sauce. <3 Make sure to drop by Ninyo soon and enjoy an experience like no other. Happy tripping.