Sunday, August 30, 2015

CoCo Ichibanya - Capitol Commons, Pasig Review

Recently I was able to find my way at Capitol Commons and finally tried the world renowned curry place CoCo Ichibanya. I was all giddly and excited when I saw it. I have been curious about this place since a lot of my friends have eaten here and they said it was really good. It was very cozy and the interiors were very welcoming and modern. 

I apologize early for the short review on this. I do not have much to say about the dishes since they taste the same for me.

excited just by the ingredients
They have store locations all across the globe
My family <3
Ordered some tea and was shocked to be given a tea pot with tea bag and syrup
The taste of the tea was nothing special. It was quite bland. But still tea is tea and I like the soothing feeling it gave me.

Cheese Hamburger Curry <P360>
Ordered the Cheese Hamburger Curry, the the patty size was quite small compared to what I imagined. But it was indeed how it was shown in the menu. The sauce was okay and it was a bit spicy. I was able to finish the patty which much of the rice left. 

Pork Cutlet Omelet Curry <P360>
The curry and cutlet did not stand out much. But we liked the creaminess of the egg.

Beef Omelet Curry <P330>

Hashed Beef Omelet?? <P360>
Did not like the beef strands.

Conclusion, Coco Ichibanya serves a different type of curry. It is good for most people. But for my own personal taste and that of my family's, we still prefer Izumi Curry. Taste wise, portion wise, and even service wise.