Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ogane Restaurant - Quezon City Review

As an after effect of my Korea trip, I have been craving for Korean BBQ for the past few days. I was brought to Ogane Restaurant at 303 Tomas Morato Avenue, Barangay South Triangle Quezon City. I was really excited when I came in since I saw some korean locals eating at the restaurant, I thought I came to the right place. They have unlimited Samgyupsal for P299 per person. They also have ample parking space fore 3-4 cars (I think).

Outside Signage

But since I was craving for good meat, I decided to go with the normal dishes. We ordered one order of Galbisal (rib meat), chadolbaegi (beef brisket), sundubu jjigae (soft tofu stew), and bibimbap (mixed rice). All costing P1270. Due to all the excitement and cooking preps, I was not able to take any good pictures. I am very sorry for that. 

Appetizers served
These were the round of appetizers served, they had good variety. Though only 1 round is free, it was sufficient and tasty. As you may notice they do not use the circular griller, I think they still do not have those installed yet.

Bibimbap on a regular bowl <P290>
My sister ordered some Bibimbap for P290. Good thing it had many rice but very few beef in it. The waiter did not even serve the red paste with it. I do not know what he was thinking. I forgot to take a photo of my Sundubu <P280>. It was not spicy as it usually is, it had some clams and a lot of soft tofu. I liked the skin-less shrimp with it, it was a sweet surprise. I do not usually get those when I eat Tofu Stew.

Galbisal (rib meat), chadolbaegi (beef brisket)
Main attraction was the Galbisal (rib meat) P350 and chadolbaegi (beef brisket) P350. Sadly it did not make me happy. As mentioned before, they do not have an installed grill like the big stores, they had this portable version. The meat was really fatty and frozen cold that it was hard to cut. Initially the waiter asked if we want to cook it ourselves, we agreed since we use to do that in Korea. To our stress, when we tried to cook was hard as ice and the meat was sticking to each other. We tried to cook it anyway to the best of our abilities. It came out really bad, meat was very hard to chew and it was not tasty. Then I realized that we did not have the lettuce nor the sauces, I had to ask the waiter yet again for the sauce. (very bad service). As we were unhappy, we decided to ask the waiter to cook the remainder of the meat for us. The waiter cooked all remaining meat together and cut them afterwards. The end product was better since it was not a frozen when he cooked it, but all the same the meat was really fatty. :( But overall, it was still a good dining experience since we had beef to eat and the price of Ogane was not bad. It's just that Ogane will not be my go to place for korean BBQ. I am still on a look out for better BBQ places at the right price. Let me know if you have any recommendations. I am still craving for some!


Villar Josh said...

Hi miss, try Hwaroro along Scout Tobias, their food is pretty good.their beef was so thin cut though but worth to try. But if you are along kalayaan ave. Try to visit daewang resto beside jjangkae (noodle house)not sure if that the real name basta waze mo nlng.

Villar Josh said...

For me their kimchi and beef was the best so far. Super thumbs up and a must try. #just sharing , hope this will help

Seoul Pedia said...

Yeah. I agree with you Josh.
I must admit that Seoul has been a food paradise for over years.
One of my favorite food is myeongdong kyoja.
You can check it out at