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[WEDDING] My Chosen 2015 Wedding Suppliers

I know how stressful it is to look for credible wedding suppliers, especially when we have over hundreds of them. I thank all my good married friends who gave me their advise and wisdom when I was picking my wedding suppliers. So I hope this post also help those soon-to-be-wed in their search for the perfect supplier. I personally tested and vouch for these great people as I know they are good honest people. One important reminder in booking suppliers, make sure to ask them if they accept cash/check payments and if they need crew meals or food allowance. I cannot wait to write a post wedding review so that we can validate everything I have written here. 

1. Flowers/Styling - Fullblooms Flower Shop by: Inah. I got her for my entourage flowers, church decor, stage design, VIP table, and registration table. 
This is one of my most challenging suppliers hunt. I had no idea what I want, I just have a color theme and a budget. Bridal exhibits did not help too as they were just too much  for my eyes and brain. Good thing my office mates had worked with Inah before and was highly recommended. I reached out to her via FB and was glad with the quotation she gave me. I met with 'Ate Inah' that weekend and we talked about different concepts and budget. In the end we came up with the "good" quotation and worked from then on. She sent me the stage design draft and reception entrance draft which I appreciated since I am more visual. I know I am in good hands since she mentioned that it was a family business for years now. She even agreed to meet with my other suppliers to finalize the look and feel of the whole reception. I truly appreciated that. 
Her price range usually plays around 10,000 to 100,000 pesos depending on the package you will get. You will need to pay 40% of the total contract to finalize your booking with her.

2. Host/ Emcee - Darlene Tan Salazar.Got her as my reception host. 
Among the numerous famous bilingual hosts out there, I went with Eng-Fil speaking Ms Darlene. I was going through numerous forums and somehow got to her website. I liked how she handled herself and the event. She used to be a wedding coordinator herself and now focuses on her hosting. What I liked most about her is her attention to detail. I like working with that kind of people since I know that at the event, I will need talented people in the ground. She is also very approachable and professional to talk to. Given her vast 5 years experience in the industry, she knows many people and can help with decisions. She has this workbook which I appreciate since I like knowing what will happen on the wedding day. She was voted as a top supplier at weddings at work for 2010 and 2013; and within the top 5 suppliers in 2014. Her price is very reasonable.

3. Coordination/Styling -
Stylescape by Sarah Abalos. Got her for on-the-day coordination and styling for reception. 

Sarah is one of my good friends who I have known through the industry. She is a sister of the same faith and that started to gain my trust. Throughout the numerous unofficial meetings we had for my wedding, I have appreciated her guidance as my supplier and friend. She keeps me grounded and I appreciate her prayers. I have worked under her before and I know how she works, and because of that...I know my wedding is in good hands under her management. She is easy to work with, just tell her your concerns and she will give you advise. For coordination, she has numerous experience; you just need to tell her your event logistics and she will work her way. She also does photoshoot and event styling. Her creativity and financial planning will be challenged for my weddings since I have a tight budget and a large reception hall to decorate. 
Her service rates varies on the service package you will avail, I suggest you reach out to her directly so that she can work through a good quotation.

4. Lights/Sound - Sound Level. Got them for a full band setup including lights. 
Worked with Ela. She is easy to talk to and their product packages are easy to understand. Sound level was recommended by my booked band. They are quick to respond to inquiries and they have a very reasonable price range.

5. Entertainment/Band - Sound Salad. Got them for entertainment for church and reception.
Worked with Nina. She is easy to talk to and work with. She gave me a run down of the services they offer and told me she will get me band members depending on the music I choose. She has a good song list and workbook. 

6. Design/Media/Print/Invitation - 8mm concepts. Got them for invitations. (Did not push through)
Worked with Fritz. Met him through my sister and was amazed by his work. They can do varied services from videos, media concepts, print, just anything that has to do with media. I saw fritz work with Teriyaki Boy and I was blown away, I am sure he can make out of the box invitations. I am so amazed that I just need to give him my emblem and he will work around that. Talk about easy.
Their package will depend on what you want.

7. Bridal Gown - Mel Orlina. Got her for bridal gown. 
Saw different bridal designers and decided to work with Mel. When I met with her, she was able to incorporate my wants with a bridal design that works for me. We were able to finalize the overall look in that first meeting. My first measurements will be on October. They have been in the clothing industry since 2012.

8. Groom suits - Cornell's Tailoring. Got him for groom's suit.
This is one of the most frustrating supplier hunt ever. We have been to different tailors around makati and we finally found Cornell's at 8485 Kalayaan Ave, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. Thanks to a good friend. They do not have a website so you have to go there personally to check out their work. Cornell's is very traditional is very hands on. They great thing about this place besides the price, is the workmanship. You can see that they are good based from the numerous good reviews and the number of customers they are serving. 

9. Bridal/Groom/Entourage - Desino Dulce. Got them for entourage clothes.
People over Desino Dulce never disappointed me. They have helped me look good over the past years. They are so easy to work with such that in just one meeting, all entourage outfit designs are completed. 

10. Video - Treehouse Story Films. Got them for wedding video. 
Another tedious search for the one. We checked several suppliers, their work...after long hours of research....we feel in love with Treehouse. I absolutely loved their ring trick. I cannot wait what our signature ring spin will be like. Its really hard to find great artists in this field since its very hard work, but luckily Treehouse Story came about and I just connect with their works. I am sure they will give justice to my once in a lifetime day.

11. Photo - Metrophoto. Got them for wedding photos.
Just like our extensive research for video, it took long grueling days to find the one supplier who will make our hearts beat. I was really hesitant to get them at first due to the price but their work really stands out. We decided they are the one for us and booked with them upon discussion. We met with the Oly Ruiz and he was a charmer. He looked and sounded very good and passionate about what he does. That gave us confidence that we are doing good in booking with him. 

12. Food/Reception Venue - Solaire Resort and Casino. Got them for reception and food. 
Looking for a reception venue is hard work and needs a lot of attention. We went to different venues in search for the one. We ended up with Solaire due to its good customer service (Look for Sherin Batac), food reputation, and amazing interiors. I am being taken care of properly by Ms Sherin in all my inquiries and planning, she is a key player to all this. Great thing about Solaire is also the size, they can cater to couples from 200-1500.

13. Make up - Gold Magtoto. Got her for all makeup requirements.

Gold was referred by a close friend and I trusted her taste and booked with her immediately. When we met, she was God sent. She was very OC and motherly. I liked how she gave additional advised that she thinks I need. She was very warm in her words that I feel like I am in great hands. Plus her works in facebook adds to her talent as well.

14. Photo - Aika Guerrero. Got aika guerrero for my tingun engagement. 
She is very skilled in her craft. Very warm and easy to work with. Full feature can be found here

15. Cake - Cake Orchard. Got Ene King for tinghun cake.
Still craving for that banana cake. Check out for the full feature here

16. Makeup - Girlie Uy. Got Girlie for my tinghun makeup. 
She is very classy and has a whole range of styles. Check out full feature here. The only restriction for Girlie is she is not yet offering airbrush makeup. But other than that, she is really great. I suggest you check her out.

17. More to follow. (Photoman, Dance Instructor, Singing Instructor, Dance/workout Studio, Dentist, Derma, Cake, Car, souvenirs, gifts, etc..)


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