Friday, October 16, 2015

Autumn Seoul Korea - Oct 2015 - 4D/3N Itinerary

Last Oct 10-13, 2015 I went to one of my favorite cities. I went to the cool and hip Seoul, all for the food and peace of mind. Similar to my August trip I booked with AirAsia for P8300+ for 2 way with in flight meals and 25kg check-in. The only difference is I booked a flight which will arrive earlier 4PM since I still have meetings on wednesday. 
Socks for warmth
Ramen and noodles were my shopping list

Bought a lot of this for my sister

Flight 1: Manila Seoul

Z2 884 Low Fare Manila (MNL)
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
(Refer to terminal information below)
Sat 10 Oct 2015
0710 hrs (7:10AM)
Seoul (ICN)
Incheon International Airport
Sat 10 Oct 2015
1210 hrs (12:10PM)

Flight 2: Seoul Manila

Z2 885 Low Fare Seoul (ICN)
Incheon International Airport
Tue 13 Oct 2015
1255 hrs (12:55PM)
Manila (MNL)
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
(Refer to terminal information below)
Tue 13 Oct 2015
1610 hrs (4:10PM)

My K-stew
Since I went with my best friend, we booked with a more cost friendly hostel instead of my usual D7 Suites accommodation. I booked with Expedia's DongDaeMun Wellbeing Hostel, located at Shelton Building 2F 448-6 Changsin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. You can reach them via email too at and look for Mr Chul Young, Jung. He was they guy who helped us on where the bus stop is and where to go. We spent P5000 for 3 nights 2 people. It comes with a private restroom and free wifi. Overall spent about 600000krw for this trip. 
Look for the Shelton Building

Front door reception - no outside shoes inside


Hallway to our room - tight
2 single bed
Rest room/ shower room
Unlike my Seoul trips, this is the most laid back since my best friend already came to seoul before and we just took this trip to buy stuff and eat good food. We did not do any common tourist sight seeing. 
Me all ready and set to mingle
So we left our homes by 4 AM and arrived at the airport by 6 AM. We ate MCDO takeout along the way. Then upon getting to the airport we did the airport tax payment and checked in our baggages (no more airasia web checkin for me since I had an incident). We got tucked in our plane seats and after 3 hours and 45 mins (in between eating my in flight meal korean beef stew --- too many "veins"), we were landing in Incheon International Airport. Upon arriving in the airport, we did the immigration and off we go to Woori Money Exchange just outside the baggage pickup to exchange some dollars to korean won (1 USD = 1118 krw). Afterwards, I went to Sktelecom to rent a mobile wifi router (5000krw + 10% tax per day). We grabbed lunch at Bibigo like my August trip, i just love their seasonal set (9000 krw). I ate a lot and was really happy with my spicy chicken and chapchae. We went to the Airport Express Train booth to purchase our AREX tickets (6000 krw), this train has a schedule every 30 minutes. It reduces time to Seoul station by 20 minutes compared to normal train. We got off Seoul Station and went to DongDaemun station. Loaded our Tmoney with (15000 krw) for the trip. It was tiring since we had to carry our big luggage since the station did not have elevators or escalators. We used the wifi router to get to our hostel. It was near the hostel but quite hard to locate on your own with big luggages. we met Mr Jung in the front door and he helped us with our bags. Good thing there was an elevator in Shelton Building. The room was really small, it was cramped with our 2 big luggage. But it was comfortable in the sense that it has everything you need from comforters, hair dryers, mini towels, mini refrigerator and warm shower. They also have free access to the kitchen where you can eat free kimchi, ramen, eggs; but my friend and I did not eat any. 
I am always happy when I am eating
Train Transfer to Arrival
Bibigo <3
my seasonal set love
Train ride to Dongdaemun
We set off by 4PM to the 2015 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market. We took the train to Yeouinaru. We were surprised that there were a lot of people in this event. People were lining up for the different stalls and food trucks. To our dismay, we did not buy anything besides churros and some candle soap. It was too cold and the lines were too long. We decided to go home soon after and eat dinner at a local nearly store. My friend ate some ramen and I some Mandu dumplings (3000 krw). It was really greasy and I felt like I mistreated myself by not ordering anything else. We went to a nearby convenience store and bought drinking water.

afternoon snack
churros love - stitch is peaking
windy and my jacket is not for the cold weather
Live concert

My dumpling dinner
Nice folks - where we ate dinner
Sunday came, we left the hostel by 9 AM and we set off to Hongdae. At first we stopped by for brunch at a meat grilling place called Meat-ing (12000 krw per person). We stayed here for 1 hour and a half. We ate too few and I was embarrassed that local thin women had their plates full, while my friend and I cant even eat a lot of meat since we felt it was too fatty. But it was a good meal. We then walked around the area to look for cute stuff to buy, bought some cute stuff at Artbox (47000 krw) and we saw Hello Kitty Cafe and decided to stop by for dessert. My friend bought a kitty brownie and i got myself a green tea latte (4500 krw). Took photos around the pink cat decorated place and bought myself hello kitty cups for my nieces (15000 krw). We then went to a sheep cafe called ThanksNatureCafe since its within the area as well, we bought a Honey Toast (5000 krw) and took our sweet time taking photos with the sheeps. We saw them stressed by all the tourists wanting their attention...but they are just too cute and fluffy. Afterwards, we went around to look for the Sunday Flea Market by the playground..sadly it wasn't there. We just decided to go back to Dongdaemun look around the malls. I ended up buying a lot a Daiso (31520 krw). We went to Myeongdong for dinner, we came across a Tonkatsu place. We were really shocked at the size of their tonkatsu, I tried asking the server if my friend and I can share but she said one order one person. So we had a lot of leftovers. The tonkatsu was bigger than a human face. And for the price of 8500 krw it was really awesome. We wanted to have some dessert but our stomach no longer have any space. We went home to rest.
Unli salad - love the spicy spaghetti and pumpkin salad

Meat in batches <3

Im coming in!
Green Tea Latte
Nice colors

Brownie and matcha

Thanks Nature Cafe
Prettiest honey toast

Love for sheep

shopping bag
biggest tontaksu at myeongdong
You make my mouth water

biggest tonkatsu
Monday morning, we went to Ewha to check out their cute stuff. we ate brunch at a Hayao Miyasaki decorated restaurant. I ordered myself a cold noodle for 5000krw. I love it! I managed to buy quite a number here: bag (5000 krw) , clothes (55000 krw), sweaters (10000 krw), lotte mart groceries (22430 krw). Before you know it my shopping bag is full and I am running out of money. We then went to Myeongdong for snacks, bought Isaac toast 3200 krw and pomegranate juice 5000 krw. Walked around the streets and bought uniqlo stuff 35600 krw. We went back to Dongdaemun by 7PM and headed for Venezia Megamall EMART which was about 20 mins walk from the hostel. Mr Jung said it was cheap to buy groceries there. Managed to buy a lot for 41770 krw but did not take into consideration the walk back to the hostel. It was crazy and my back hurt so bad. Once we got back, we just dropped off our loot and went to a nearby KFC for dinner. I tried their promotional burger for 3300 krw. I did not like the taste nor was their fries yummy. When we got back to the hostel, we fixed our luggage one at a time since the space was too small. Slept at 1 AM.
I love the wine like branches around the restaurant

cold noodle

In Ewha

Eating my cold noodles
Our lunch table
Happy Kid thanks to Isaac

Spicy Grilled Beef Patty
Pomegranate Juice

KFC dinner
Tuesday morning, we took our showers and left the hostel by 8:45 AM. We walked to the bus station which was just 5 minutes from the hostel. Waited for the 6002 bus, by 15 minutes the next bus came. And the driver helped us with our bulky luggage. The bus ride to the Incheon Airport cost 10000 krw. The ride was comfortable and it was a good 1 hour and 20 minutes ride to the airport. I preferred this over the train station rides where i had to carry my luggage. We returned the pocket wifi, got tax refunds, and ate lunch at the food place near our gate 114. My lunch cost 5000 krw for a shrimp wrap. Before I know it I was eating my inflight meal Caldereta (dont like it, still recommend the NASI LEMAK) and I slept the whole flight to Manila. Hello traffic when I got back. Took me a good 3 hours to get home from the airport, rush hour at its finest.

Bus 6002 to airport
Check in
my snack/lunch

In flight meal - caldareta
 Overall, the trip was a good escape and I learned new things again:
1. Airport Bus is convenient
2. WIFI router for 5K per day is a must, ask for a free cable adapter
3. Buy stuff from Myeongdong if you want freebies, dongdaemun does not
4. Daiso
5. Explore the small roads
6. Go to places you haven't tried before
7. Bring umbrella, water, powerbank, wet ones, and coupons
until we see you again Seoul