Monday, October 19, 2015

Felipe and Sons - Barberdashery at San Agustin, Makati

Out with the old and into the new. We cease to grow if we stop to explore. Just last weekend, R and I opted to try something different for a change. 

We hopped over to Felipe and Sons at San Agustin, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. They have parking space for about 3 cars store front, but makati streets have a lot of parking spaces. They are almost full all the time so make sure to get a reservation by calling 6255735 to ensure you do not waste time. Felipe and Sons is known to be the ultimate man-cave, you can get your looks cleaned up (hair barberdashery and suits haberdashery), and even accessorize yourself with the different products they carry. 

Barber's have a lot of tools. They even have warm towels for the face. They use organic for grey reduction or hair coloring. They have a vast range of hair products, esp their pomade. Their best seller is Philippine made and its water-based.
Jhun's workstation + warm towel section

I visited Felipe and Sons more than once before for their haberdashery, but its my first time at the barberdashery side... actually its my first time inside a barbershop. I was amazed that it has a very classy old feel. (just like in the movies). The barbers all had their own "workstations" and typically works on a client per hour (standard cut). Our barber was Kuya Jhun, he worked at Bruno's before and has been a barber for 20 years! Talk about expertise and passion, he has both. He has a very cheerful attitude as well, he kept accommodating my rain of questions. Throughout the cut, I was going through his stuff and asking him on life. Time flew. R and I felt in good hands since Jhun has 20 years solid under his belt, so we asked him on what he suggested for a new look and we went for that. He suggested the signature "Taper Comb Over w/ Hard Part". They standard cut costs P280. Not bad since its almost like the bench fix rates. Here you get specialized service, free coffee, hot towels, and even a massage.

Ipad portfolio
Jhun starting with his work

We had an appointment by 5 PM and we were served at exactly 5 PM. Good job. After 45mins, R was done and here was the final hair look with the water-based pomade being sold to us. We will go back for the pomade and a possible new look. 

Bring back the swagger!
R was happy with the service overall, most especially the price. Service was professional. Area looks clean. Place was comfortable. Price was excellent. I personally will recommend Felipe and Sons to people based on what I saw. The hair cut price is worth it. I am not sure for the others since other services can go as high as 1000+. The professionals here look like they know what they are doing, so I am sure that any man would enjoy their "me-time" here without rushing. The price comes with a very personalized service to the client, that you feel relaxed after. Check them out! But make sure to make a reservation.