Tuesday, November 17, 2015

All Day Breakfast in Bed - Tomas Morato, Quezon City Review

We had one night to rest so R and I opted to go to Tomas Morato for a stroll and quick catch-up date. We saw this cute restaurant with 1 couple as their only guest. It was perfect for our intimate talks, I do not want any noise or distractions. Just wanted to have some alone time with him. We stopped by All Day Breakfast in Bed located at Scout Tobias Corner Scout Fuentebella Street, Laging Handa, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. They have parking spaces for 2-3 cars. 
Breakfast everyday!!

The interiors were very dainty and pretty, mostly blue and white. I like the clean and fresh look it gives.
Outside signage
Seats outside the store, for smokers and cold nights
Outside wall murals
they have a second floor
Smart decors - using bed frames as decor
They have an ample variety in their menu, though it can certainly be expanded more. They have the usual filipino breakfast dishes we all love, bagnet, liempo, adobo, tapa, bangus,and longganisa. We opted to go with the Beef Tapa (P138) and Tuyo (P98) dish. Yes, you did not read wrong. Their prices are very reasonable and the serving size is not bad too. 

Menu 1
Menu 2

Menu 3

I had the Tuyo dish, it came with 4 tuyo fishes + 2 eggs + garlic rice + tomatoes+ vinegar. For P98, its still pricey but for a restaurant price...its good enough. The taste is nothing different from a home cooked meal. I think that is this dish's charm. You cannot go wrong with it. Just makes you remember your childhood. Sometimes I just want to eat Tuyo for the old memories.

Tuyo (P98)
The Beef Tapa meal comes with a fistful of beef tapa slices + 2 eggs + 1 garlic rice + 1 vinegar for P138. The tapa is a bit hard to chew. Taste is nothing amazing or different too. Another home cooked meal vibes that is perfect for those intimate talks or alone time.

Beef Tapa (P138)
Overall, we spent P236 for our dinner. It was not as spectacular in taste but we enjoyed the home-ish feel of the place which made everything more comfortable. Will definitely come back to try their bagnet. Hopefully, next time they will have traditional hot chocolate. I suggest All Day Breakfast in Bed for people who want a relaxing environment with simple meals; another plus is their price friendly meals. Servers are great to talk too, they were friendly. Check them out when you are in the area.

Spent P236
It was a good time to catch up and thank God for life.

Just you and me