Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Clean Plate review - Trinoma Quezon City

APEC week meant some time off, it was great to take a few days off work and just reconnect with my loved ones. We had plenty of time to eat and talk. To cap off our night, my friends and I decided to eat at Clean Plate at Trinoma Mall. It recently opened and glad we decided to try them. At first we had reservations to try it given the steep price, the average meal costs P300+. But I am telling you, the experience was worth it.

So happy to serve good food to my tummy
Few things that captured my attention, they use healthy/happy animal meat. They serve free range and pro-biotic meat, meaning they do not get from the usual factory like animal shelters nor do they promote injecting animals with medicine. This is according to Rico, our server for the night. They serve organic ingredients and a whole lot of healthy merchandise right beside the store entrance. They also serve Kangen Alkaline water as their service water, it sounds neat and healthy. They have super adorable furniture and interiors. I love the painting, fake plants all around, very natural feel, and the super cool lettuce couches! Last but not the least, they have this function room that is so adorable. I did not take a photo cause I want to come back and do an event there. Its good for 20 people with P15000 consumable. It has very cute wall paint and an awesome stone walkway which I adore so much. 


alkaline water

look at the couch!

you can easily see the kitchen and bar
Now I did warn you that the food price is a bit high. This is certainly a place you have to budget for. An average worker cannot eat here on a daily basis even though we all want to eat health food. Food photos have been zoomed in for more emphasis on the ingredients and food preparation, all meals except the Paella is for single serving only.

For my last food intake, I decided to go with Oats Champorado (P120). Its composed of organic oats, tablea chocolate, coco sugar, goats milk, and sliced tuyo on the side. It was filling since the oats were pure, the tablea chocolate was not as bitter as I wanted it to be. The whole dish, even with the added goat's milk, kind of lacked taste; it neither tasted sweet nor bitter nor sour. It tasted a little better than bland. I tried eating the tuyo with the champorado and it did not taste as good. I ate the remaining tuyo after eating the oats. Overall, its a good snack. I'll still buy it.
Oats Champorado (P120)
My younger sister ordered the Paella. Serving size was good for the price, it can be shared and the 2 shrimps were good. It had 2 river prawns, new zealand mussels, some saffron, pomodoro sauce, naked chorizo, and whole wheat spaghetti. When I tried some, it tasted a bit too sour for my taste. It might have been the tomatoes. Overall, this is a good dish with the right amount of toppings and taste.
Paella (P340)
My friend ordered some naked chorizo with fried egg. It had chopped cucumber, tomatoes, and onions to side it. Size was pretty much a little bigger than a cup of rice. Perfect serving for 1 average person. Taste was not impressive, the onions came a bit too strong and it was the only lingering taste that I remember when I tried a spoon of it. 
Naked Chorizo + Egg-Fried Rice (P220)
This was the best dish I have tasted among all the dishes we ordered. It had slices of free-range ground chicken, roast eggplants, pomodoro, goat's milk creme, and some cacciocavallo. It seemed like it was baked, cause the container was really hot. I remember this dish being sweet in taste. It was very tasteful, though the size is a bit small. Just perfect for 1 person. The cacciocavallo cheese was awesome in taste. I recommend this dish.
Chicken + Egg Parmagiana (P 340)
My other friend ordered some warm arugula & spinach. It has organic arugula, spinach, quesong puti, asiago, blue cheese, balsamic cream, and cold pressed olive oil. If you are a cheese person, you will love this dish. All of our initial reaction was the salad was too flat, it was the first salad we saw that was just about as thin as a plate. It is basically leaves and cheese. But the taste was very refreshing and all the greens complemented the cheese well. I personally could not imagine eating this only as my dinner, its too light for me.
Warn Arugula & Spinach (P175)
Below are images of the menu. Read through them and head over to clean plate! The food menu looks really great in words, I cannot wait to try more.