Monday, November 16, 2015

Hole in the Wall: Phobobo and GreenCheese - Century City Mall Makati City

Last week, my team mates and I had a fancy bonding session at the only food court that charges a service charge... Hole in the Wall in the Century City Mall.  The usual stop here is the Black Bird. But I decided to go with the Phobobo since it's menu made me crave for Vietnamese food. They have several dishes from Banh mi to Pho noodles to the noodle platter. I decided to go with the Sweet Chili Pork Barbecue with vermicelli noodles (P320). I waited for about 15-20 minutes before my "flasher" vibrated.

Love what they did
Staff working hard in their ingredients preparation
Sweet Chili Pork Barbecue w/ Vinaigrette
It was pricey for the size, it only had a small serving of noodles, 2 fried spring rolls, and some veggies. Good thing it has 6 slices of spicy pork bbq which made it more filling. I loved the texture of the noodles, it was perfectly soft and chew-able. The spring roll was meaty. The veggies gave a good crunch. I love the smokey taste of the pork bbq. Eat all of them together and its perfect! Though it only took about 2 hours, and I was hungry again. I will order additional salad and perhaps noodles if time I eat here again. I love the food and I will definitely come back again to try their other dishes.

For dessert, I went to the nearby cheesecake store called "Green Cheese". I think its called that way since they are known for their matcha products, which attracted me to them in the first place. They have original cheesecakes and matcha cheesecakes. I ordered a combo meal. For P150, I get a hot matcha latte and a matcha cheesecake

I think they have japanese roots

they have a cute wooden swing
take out packaging - the cake box is too adorable

Hot Matcha Latte <3
Matcha Latte was very milky. It had a good taste of matcha which I liked. Sadly it was too short in size for my taste, the fun ended too fast. :( Will order a bigger one next time.

Matcha Cheesecake (w/ @happy_pishu)
The matcha cheesecake was green in color. Packaging was brilliant. Taste was not impressive. It has a very mild matcha taste. I did not like the texture of the cake, i have not placed it in the refrigerator so that might have been the culprit. But based on what I tasted, I do not recommend the cheesecake. But go plenty with the latte. I will also try their other products next time I visit.