Friday, November 6, 2015

[WEDDING] Ke Tseng - Chinese Dowry List

In common practice, the boy's family provides for the home and matrimonial bed whereas the girl's family will provide the household items. The house visit will be done on a good day decided by the temple, which is a few days before the wedding. All these items can be bought from the New Victory Trading at 754 Ongpin street Binondo Manila. I personally bought some from New Victory Trading myself. You pay at a premium but its convenient. You can refer to my Ting Hun post for the prior requirements. These are the usual items on the female's dowry list and the sequence as to which it is to be delivered by the girls family's male relatives. Take note that not all are required, the main idea is the female provide something as a dowry and contribute to her future house. 
  1. Yenchi Tiak Sim (to be thrown on every side of the house) 
  2. A pair of red lanterns - symbol of fertility
  3. Round mirror with red satin cloth sown with gold coins and yen chi on the 4 corners - you will have to use the red cloth given at the ting hun. This red cloth sowing can be done by Red Victory for P350, just bring them the mirror and cloth.
  4. A pair of Red potty w/ yenchi - symbol of good luck
  5. A pair of sin ha w/ yenchi on each layer - symbol of abundance
  6. Hong lo and thong-si - bride will walk over the hong lo 
  7. Long life mug
  8. Basin and dipper set - symbol of wholeness
  9. A pair of Swa Than (towel blanket) - symbols a good start and end for the couple
  10. Red Bed cover set with dragon and phoenix design
  11. Tea Set - from the ting hun - must put 2 ang cho and tang kwe in each teacup
  12. Bowl Set - from the ting hun
  13. Candy Tray - from the ting hun
  14. Robe w/ yenchi - worn during wedding
  15. Red slippers
  16. Red Umbrella
  17. Red Sang Hee Fan  
  18. Jewelry Box and Comb and Suyod - will be used in the wedding car
  19. Jewelries Set
  20. Sewing Machine
  21. Figurine Buddha with Kids - symbol of fertility
  22. Figurine 3 wise men - symbol of longevity, prosperity and happiness
  23. Mother in law stockings and shoes
  24. Father in law gold bracelet or necklace
  25. Sugar Jar
  26. Hanger
  27. A pair of Towels
  28. A pair of Pajamas 
  29. A pair of flower vases - put white flowers for a son and red flowers for a daughter
  30. Figurine Happy Couple - Symbol of marital happiness
  31. Figurine Dragon and Phoenix - symbol of love and marriage
  32. Figurine Mandarin Duck
  33. Figurine Peaches
  34. Baby bath tub  filled with personal toiletries
  35. Wa hue set - sewing kit
  36. New clothes
  37. New shoes
  38. New luggage
  39. New appliances 
  40. New car


Pazzta Tali said...

I held an event here, and it couldn't have gone any smoother. An infinite list of food items were there. The staff and manager from NYC wedding venues were excellent. As an event coordinator, they made my job extremely easy.

Simple Letters said...

So this was no ordinary Flower Deliveries order. I was asking to re-create the centerpieces from our wedding for my wife. They quickly responded to my email with all the information I needed, and what she envisioned the arrangement would look like.