Monday, February 1, 2016

5D/4N Hong Kong Itinerary with Babies - Dec 2015

Something about polar bears... this trip is full of them
Last Dec 27-31 2015, I had a chance to travel with my future in-laws. It was a first time experience since we were complete and we came with 3 babies: 3, almost 2, almost 1 year olds. It was bound to be interesting. We were 12 in total. 

We took Philippine Airlines leaving 8 AM and arriving 10:15 AM. We left the house by 4AM and got to the airport by 5AM. It's been awhile since I last rode PAL, I realized I did not miss it much. Budget airlines are basically the same, the food in AirAsia is actually better. We had beef and fish in flight. The fish is good, the beef was not so great.  

When we got to the HK airport, my MIL proceeded to the ticket counter to get us train tickets to Hong Kong station. Once we got to the Hong Kong station, we went straight to the Airport Express Shuttle bus. We took the teal line H2 to the Park Lane Hong Kong. The good thing about this shuttle bus was that it was timed and it will drop you off at major hotels. Before I know it, I was at the Park Lane Hotel lobby. My in laws were checking us in. Check in was around 2 PM, so we left our baggage with the lobby and left for nearby mall for lunch.
Airport Express Shuttle Bus Schedule and Routes
Waiting Area

checking in
We ended up with Gyukaku. It was insane, since the restaurant was packed and we were 12 people. Everyone was hungry and we had to wait for about an hour to get in. Once we got in, we ordered their best selling grilled meat set and Popcorn ice cream for dessert. The food was not as appetizing or flavorful as the menu photos make it seem.

After lunch, we went to our rooms and rested for an hour. Before heading out to IKEA and the 2nd floor mall. The room was nice and cozy. I was impressed with the nice toiletries that they give us.

The most interesting store we went to was Homeless. It had a lot of cool stuff, that we ended up buying a penguin travel pillow and a polar bear screw set. It took us sometime to let go of not buying the polar bed head. It just looked so awesome. But eventually we decided that it was too much of a money for a toy accessory.

Next we went to IKEA. And went to all its puzzle walls and found some pretty interesting cabinet ideas and bed designs for kids. I really liked the dresser designs they have, its perfect for small spaces.

To end day 1, we were invited by a family friend for dinner. Sadly I do not know the name of the place or how to get there. We took a taxi from the hotel and we traveled for about 30 minutes. It was the first time I saw and ate so much seafood that I did not care what it was, I just ate. It was really fresh and I enjoyed dinner.
My 1st catch
I think I am eating abalone?
Round 1
I got to hold a really big crab
Day 2 was about Ocean Park strolling and walking around the shopping streets of Causeway Bay. We had a breakfast buffet from 8-10 AM and left for Ocean Park by 10 AM. We took 2 separate cabs. As expected the trip was exhausting, navigating in a people-packed park with 3 strollers was hard. We only managed to watch 1 park show and they had some trouble completing the dolphin tricks. We also managed to stroll with the little Miss and rode ferris wheel and carousel, watched the panda exhibit, played with their "fair" activities (won a snowman plushie), and took lots of photos. We ate lunch at the food court area, initially we had problems eating together that we had to split up. We ate fries and chicken wings. R and I bought some white Polar Bear head pieces since they were on sale. We plan to use it on our next winter trip. We ended the night by eating dinner at Neptune restaurant. Neptune restaurant charges a premium since it has a huge aquarium inside the restaurant. The kids had a great time. The place has a great ambiance. They had a christmas menu so I decided to go with that, and from the pictures below you will see that they are just adorable. Taste was not that yummy though. Overall the day went by fast and tiring, but it was memorable since it was the kids' first time at Ocean Park. Fun good memories as a family. 
2 tickets!
Ocean Park Entrance
Wanted to get a big toy so bad... happy i did not win or else i wont be able to pack my stuff
Day Events
Dolphin show
Panda at the back
Enjoying the dolphin show
Curry Balls $36 HKD each
Neptune Entrance
Tables and setup
Christmas Menu
Giant Aquarium

R's Pumpkin Soup
R's Garden Salad
R had lamb
R's dessert
Christmas drinks
Kid's menu
Sleigh Salads
Snowman Soup
Ham Main
Cute Dessert - snow globe
Day 3's agenda was about food trips with R and family dinner. We woke up early and has our usual breakfast buffet. Afterwards, R and I took the train to Central station. We followed a GPS pre-loaded map and ended up at our destination Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay!!! We were lucky that they had seats for walk in. Our server/waiter was a filipino and it was very easy to relate. We had their christmas special again, R and I just shared with 1 set since we are still full from the breakfast buffet. We had Pumpkin Soup (yummy and fresh), Turkey (juicy), and christmas pudding (very good and unique). We took the train again and went to Mongkok to do some toy hunting. Then took the train to grab some dessert at the Dessert Kitchen near Tsim Sha Tsui. We had the shaved chocolate ice (this is very delicious) and I had the Ice Stream Ramen which I regretted. It was too bad that I could not finish it it. We took the train again to go back to the hotel, just in time for our family dinner at Jamie's Italian, which was just very near the hotel. R had steak while I had duck and some pasta. The family ordered some mushrooms as appetizers, they were really good. The hot chocolate was also good to taste. The steak was a bit dry for R, my duck and pasta were just okay. I did not find anything too different with it. I appreciated their kid's menu which kept the kids distracted. Overall I liked Jamie's for its ambiance and menu variety, I will definitely come back and try more from their menu. I also like the nearby restaurants, all of them have lines I am assuming locals like them. When I come back, I will definitely try them.
WEEEEE --- pumpkin soup. my favorite.
Christmas feels
Chef recommends

Turkey. I love the sauce.
christmas pudding
The dessert kitchen
This is chocolate heaven!
the stream i will not cross again
Happy to spend my christmas with this guy
Table fun
Hot choco
AMAZING Mushrooms
Chicken and fries for the kids
R's steak

Will come back for this.
Day 4 is Disney Day!!! We ate our breakfast buffet and checked out. Waited for our Disney bus ride to the Hollywood Hotel. The bus ride was long. But eventually we arrived at the hotel, it was too early to check in yet, so we left our luggages at reception and headed to Disneyland. Our first stop was Small World. All kids loved it. We then headed to Mad Hatter's. Watched the 10th year parade. Ate lunch at the Space Diner. Bid farewell to our parents since they were tired and headed back to the hotel. Kids were left. R and I went our separate ways from his siblings, we went to Mystic Point and Grizzy Gulch since I have not been to those 2 places. I really liked the Grizzy Gulch coaster rode. It was very exciting. We went around and took photos of the character mascots. We were sad that we did not capture any shots with them since we did not know they had a schedule. We saw Mickey's gang, even Elsa and Anna up close. R and I aim to get their photo and autograph the next time we go to Disneyland. Consolation was we were able to get a photo with Pooh. We watched the lighting of the christmas tree and light parade. Elsa and Anna sang their Let It Go song and there was a rain of snow/soap which was cool. Then the light parade was too amazing for words. It was just hard with all the people pushing you. We even bought from from the diner and brought it back to the main street to it since we needed to secure a place. Went home with a happy heart.Slept at my mickey filled hotel room. 

Day 5, I fulfilled all my dreams! Just kidding. I was able to get a photo taken with Chef Mickey at the breakfast buffet. I was really happy. The breakfast buffet was also good, it had a varied amount of food which I really enjoyed. We took the shuttle to the airport. And before I know it, I was at Manila celebrating New Year with my family.

Let us all make 2016 amazing!