Wednesday, March 9, 2016

[WEDDING] CCF Christian Wedding Church Programme

Below is the standard CCF wedding church programme. Typically it will just run for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Request a wireless microphone for the couple and a wired microphone for the pastor.

1. Processional 
          a. Groom
          b. Groom's parents
          c. Best Man
          d. Entourage
          e. Bride's parents
2. Bridal March
3. Introductory Remarks or Declaration of Purpose - Bride's parents will say "We Do"
4. Asking if there are objections to the wedding
5. Opening Prayer
6. Scripture Readings - Read Eph 5:21-33 (make sure to give copy to reader); use the podium with microphone
7. Exhorting of the couple
8. Honoring of Parents - prepare a speech minimum of 1 page per parent per couple.
9. Charging of Parents
10. Charging of Sponsors
11. Affirmation of love - say "I do"
12. Marriage Vows - write your own vows. 1 page will do. Promises you make to God on what you will do for your spouse. Do not exaggerate. Be human.
13. Ring Ceremony
14. Veil Ceremony
15. Cord Ceremony
16. Coins Ceremony
17. Presentation of the Bible
18. Signing of the Contract - should have music. Have the coordinator sign the 3 pages out of the 4 before the start of the ceremony.
19. Removal of cord and veil
20. Lighting of the Unity Candle
21. Prayer of Dedication
22. Pronouncement of Marriage
23. Presentation of the Newly Weds
24. Pictorial
25. Recessional


Someone Critique said...

The reception is held in the main hall. The New York wedding venues were gorgeous and perfect for a wedding. I have been to several weddings here but it hasn't gotten old. The place is absolutely beautiful and the views are breathtaking.