Wednesday, March 9, 2016

[WEDDING] Guidance from Officiating Pastor

Last February 27, 2016, we met with our officiating pastor for lunch at Akira, Robinsons Magnolia. He is Pastor Jonathan Fenix, we are so happy to have a slot in his busy schedule. We really like him and we are so happy that he is the one officiating us. ^___^ Our meeting lasted from 1:30 to 3:00 PM, sadly we did not get a photo as memory. But below are some of the lessons he taught us to keep a marriage strong. 

1. We should find a christian church in the province, to make sure that we get our spiritual feeding. join Dgroups and surround ourselves with centered people.
2. Create a common schedule to share. We plan to make use of Google calendar. This is to ensure that your partner knows where you are, avoid conflicts, and it also disciplines you that you have another person relying on you. That you are no longer a single person who has your own schedule.
3.  Always be united in a decision. Never fight or go against your partner in public. Be considerate of your wife and submit to your husband. Wives are covered by their husband, wives should not be afraid to share their thoughts/ideas, and husbands should be responsible to make decisions correctly.
4. Never reverse the roles. Guys should always lead, especially if they are fully capable. For any conflicts, convince properly...bring evidences or sensible arguments. Don't do something because you just want to without consideration for your partner. Always engage in healthy arguments for decisions that cannot be resolved immediately. 
5. Everything is owned together.
6. Openness and responsibility is crucial. Ask what are the needs in advance and never assume.
7. Give and give.
8. Where is the leading of your heart?
9. Consult with an OB-Gyne and ask for healthy family planning options.
10. Prioritize your honey moon. Spend a bit more here.

Wedding church ceremony notes, refer to CCF Wedding Programme:
1. Pastor Jonathan will be in the church by 1 PM
2. Program will run 1hr and 15-30 mins.
3. Pastor will use the area in front of the rail.
4. The unity candle will be in the middle. Right side facing the audience is Pastor Jonathan. Left side facing the audience is the couple. 
5. Ask Sarah/coordinator to call the church of the holy trinity for the couple seats, microphones. Request for a wireless mic for the parents/couple. Wired mic for pastor jonathan.
6. Processional line-up: candle sponsors, walk and light the 2 candles beside the unity candle. Groom. Parents of the groom. Best Man. Entourage. Bride parents. Bride (15 minutes).
7. Assign an adult to take the flower girls and boys after their march, this is to avoid them running around.
8. Bride's parents say "WE DO", groom exchanges hugs and kisses with bride's parents. Then brings the bride to his parents for hugs and kisses.