Thursday, March 17, 2016

[WEDDING] Pre-wedding photoshoot by Metrophoto

Last March 1, 2016 R and I had our official pre-wedding photoshoot. We decided to go with a friend's recommendation to shoot at Cavinti, Laguna. Originally, we were targeting to do the shoot at the Cavinti Falls. But our photographer decided to go for the Japanese Garden instead, for safety and convenience purposes. Below are our guardian angels for the day and we could not have managed it with them:

best maid of honor
Best Maid of Honor: Abby Go
Best Driver/PA: Danny (drove 5AM-1 AM)
Makeup Artist: Gold Magtoto
Photographer: Oly Ruiz and Paulo of Metrophoto (Creative Director: Mike Lavarez)
Makeup Venue: Porta Verde (Thank you Miss Camille)
Pink Jumpsuit and patterned polo: Empire Fashion Cafe

Our story writers through photos
I could not stress how happy I was that the shoot is finally over. It was a grueling 3 months planning. The clothes, the procurement of the outfit, and the preparation for the expenses. I have not had a better sleep after the shoot. I was so happy to have worked with a great set of professionals and friends. The photoshoot experience was a unique one and we will remember it well.
What else to see in Cavinti
Cavinti Falls
Mid last year 2015, I have been working with Metrophoto's Mike Lavarez in coming up with solid venues and one concept for the shoot. We have thrown ideas around but I did not feel confident with myself so I had to bring in a friend, Sarah of Stylescape. She helped me look through my "pegs" of a good looks and she shopped with R and I. Andrew of Desino Dulce, was always there. Andrew managed to pull off 2 great looking gowns in just a week. We managed to push the limits of his creative team and created a floral masterpiece. Mike thought of the flower petal rain concept. It took a lot of guts and mental preparation for me to say yes to this. I sought out my florist's help to do the almost impossible feat. Just 2 days before the shoot date, Ate Inah of Fullblooms was able to collect and de-petal the 80 (1 dozen) bundles of alstromeria. Then we slept and woke up really early to go to Cavinti. 

God's natural beauty

Actual shoot: 
We left the house at 4:00 AM, fetched Abby and Sarah along the way, then we ate breakfast at Sisa's. We escaped the Edsa traffic but we got caught up in the local barangay parade in Laguna. We arrived at Porta Verde at 10 AM. My glam team led by Gold Magtoto was patiently waiting for almost an hour when we arrived. I was so embarrassed and worried, but Gold was super amazing and had a very calm aura that made everything went smooth. Before I realized it, I was chatting with her and my make-up is almost done. She did her airbrush magic and my blemishes went away. My hair and makeup took almost an hour to be done. Then it was R's turn in Gold's chair. I went upstairs to try out the pink jumpsuit as my first outfit and was busy coordinating with Metrophoto. Porta Verde was really kind enough to agree that I settle the bill after the shoot since they knew I was really occupied. 

Segway to the Porta Verde Resort, when R and I did our Cavinti earlier Jan 2016, we stumbled by Porta Verde by accident. It was beside lumot lake and it was pretty hidden. We were thrilled that they have great views, huge villas, and varied activities that you can try. One particular activity that caught our ears was boat ride for 15 PAX for only P700. Day Tour Entrance was P500 per head. We wanted to do an island shoot around lumot lake, so that was definitely a winner. Upon arriving to manila, I contacted their office and came up with the full quotation for holding room and day tour fee for the whole photoshoot team. I was just asked to pay 50% downpayment before I the said shoot, and pay the remaining on the day. Sadly, due to time restrictions, we weren't able to take any photos in the resort since we wrapped up at Japanese garden by 7PM. Once we got the resort, it was dark and taking island photos was impossible. It was a waste, but we will just go back. With the amenities and huge rooms, it would be a great place to stay at Cavinti. I recommend you to check Porta Verde out as a photoshoot venue and even as a family get-away place. <3

After Renrick and I completed our make-up and hair, we left the resort by 12nn and arrived at the Japanese Garden by 12:30 pm. Gold made my look very fresh and light pink, it made me feel and look young. We waited for the metrophoto team about until 2 PM. When they arrived, they immediately did a scout of the area and soon after we started with the 1st set of informal shoot by the rocks. The most memorable experience in this set was the killer ants. We (even the photographers) were being bitten by ants, and it was funny since we were all doing serious faces when you will just suddenly hear "OUCH!". It was the first set and we were just starting to get acquainted with the camera and what Oly wants us to project. Eventually we moved to the stairs and green grasses, we were much comfortable. Abby during this time went to a nearby golf resort to buy everyone lunch. When she got back, we immediately changed to our second look. Gold asked us to eat first before she changed my look. I truly appreciated everybody's patience and acceptance of the situation. They did not complain and just enjoyed what we served them. I thank God for humble suppliers. 
cute hair
tried but excited
look of love
Gold making me look good
By the rocks
My second look had a very distinct shade of purple. I was given hair extensions and had darker eye shadow. It was a level higher in drama. The most memorable experience for this set was getting on top of the memorial wall using a fold-able ladder that the metrophoto carry around. I felt very comfortable with my pinned up top and recycled skirt. I just loved my over-all look and I guess it showed in the photos. R was very chill and casual in his leather black jacket. This set was very casual and light. 
You and Me
Third look became the signature of the shoot. I wore Desino Dulce's red gown with a very long tail. It made a lot of people go WOW. This set is my favorite because I got to try 2 unique experiences here: climbling up a calachuchi tree and standing/sitting on a rock surrounded by water. The long tail just gave so much drama in anything. My makeup here was darker and had shades of red, my hair was soooooo amazing. I felt like a lady. R was dashing in his sharp blue suit. I especially like him in this suit and found him at his most handsome here. The climbing of the tree was fun, since R had to be sit in a branch while I had to stand. It was a first time for us. And I terribly enjoyed climbing things, I loved climbing with my bare foot. I only wished I could climb higher. But for safety reasons, I was just asked to stay in one branch. Another awesome experience was, being carried by a man into a rock and maintaining my balance with R behind me. It was fun. I loved this set for all of its drama.
Thank you Oly for the direction
getting carried around
The Red Gown
On the edge with you
Forth and last look was Andrew's masterpiece: the purple 3D butterfly gown. Sadly, it was turning dark and we barely had sunlight when we were doing the great finale. Sarah and the others spread the thousand of petals on a tree, threw pink ribbons, and added bird cages for effects. My hair was pulled up into a perfect bun, my lips were in perfect pinkish/purplish shade.I was really sad and tired when we were doing this last set. I felt like the petals have gone into waste and I felt bad for them. I was so glad that we got Oly's skills and he was able to get the petals into the sample photos he sent us. Most memorable experience for this set was Oly pushed us to do something we haven't tried before. We tried to look more intimate. With all the pink petals, pink ribbons, and beautiful bird cages... I got confused haha. But Oly was able to create a stunningly beautiful masterpiece. I loved that we had this set where we hugged and touched foreheads. I felt close to R. It was a good ending. And having no natural light added to the drama, Oly had battery powered flash lights that served as effects to the photo. Before the shoot ended, we had a group shot taken and I would forever keep it in my heart.
Love my hair!

the last set
Pink and Purple
We headed to Porta Verde to settle the bill and get our remaining stuff. And headed to Calle Arco Restaurant where we treated everyone to a heavy dinner. We chatted from 8-10 PM. We all loved the steamed Pla-Pla. The food here is delicious and it was a great way for all of us to know each other better. The night got deeper and we had to bid farewell to everyone. I got home at 1 AM and slept soundly with all nice memories in my heart.


Rasmus Korra said...

Normally wedding appetizers are mediocre and forgettable. We had people talking about our food even weeks after the wedding. Though the New York wedding venues are beautiful. You can bring in any type of furniture or use their traditional round tables.

Red Bungay said...

HellO! So looooove your red dress!!! I am a bride-to-be this coming December and really wanted to have a red gown with long tail but due to budget constraint, I might not be able to have one for my prenup this month :( However, I am getting all the courage I have right now to ask if there is a possibility I can borrow your red dress? It would really really mean a lot if you can help me!!! :)

Here's hoping for your response!


Rommel Jacolbe said...


I would just like to ask if did you pay for any photoshoot fee at the Japanese Garden? Thanks!

Zonia H. said...

I love the photos, the red dress looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!