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[WEDDING] The wedding day suppliers and event write-up

April 17 2016. 
We vowed before God.
The day R and I got married. I was officially renamed as Mrs. So.
R and I have been together for more than 8 years and this union in front of God has been our goal right from the start. We wanted to find our god's best and bring out the best of that person. We started planning as soon as we got the "milestone" dates from our parents.

March 20 11 AM - Kiu Hun - Family Meeting
May 9 11:05 AM - Ting Hun - Formal Engagement Meeting
April 12 8 AM - Sang Ke Tseng - Sending Bride's Dowry
April 17 2 PM - Kan Tsiu - Wedding Day

We executed our wedding preparations for more than a year. We booked our suppliers as early as possible while getting the best of the best. I can honestly say, our wedding would not be as great without these great people. They are all great partners/people to work with, masters of their own craft. Here are our generous suppliers:

Reception Venue: Solaire Resort and Casino (contact: Ms. Sherin Batac 09989889112) 4.5 out of 5
Sherin was very helpful and organized throughout the whole process, I had a great time working with her throughout the planning process. She made sure everything and everyone was doing what they were supposed to. I really appreciate her as a person, this wedding would not be as great without her on my team. I am really glad to have met and have her a friend. The only bad side happened right after the wedding day where my aunts reported to me that the maids were not fed and the food they took home did not seem right. I was very downhearted since we thought everything went smoothly, Sherin too was surprised since it was the first time ever their banquets team made a mistake. Solaire gave us their sincere verbal apologies.
with Sherin
Church Venue: Church of the Holy Trinity (contact: Ms. Claire) 5 out of 5
I have been informed before that the church has a short walkway and the air conditioning was not cold. But R and I knew this was the only place we can get married at given our requirements. Working with Ms Claire was swift, she gave us the requirements of the church. We had to comply or else we will not be permitted to have our ceremony there. During the wedding day, it was in fact hot and the walkway too narrow and short. But I am still happy to be married here.
Church of the Holy Trinity

Officiating Pastor: Christ's Commission Fellowship (contact: Ms Fifi Yu 09989644009 and Pastor Jonathan Fenix) 5 out of 5
I love working with organized people, more so...organized groups. I have been working with Fifi since last year to complete the requirements of CCF for marriage. We were blessed to be surrounded with like minded people and understood what I was going through. We were thrilled to get Pastor Jonathan's approval to officiate our wedding, we love and respect him greatly; and the message he gave during the wedding ceremony was very timely.
Bridal Gown: Mel Orlina Couture (contact: Ms. Michel 09274978349 and Ms. Pia) 5 out of 5
The warm and creative people over at Mel Orlina's. I truly enjoyed the journey I took with them, starting from Nov 2015 to April 2016. I saw how they transformed my simple inner gown to the amazingly intricate gown I wore on my wedding day. They understood my taste and personality, they made it show through my gown. I really love my gown (not just for the reasonable price), but for the story and detail that it has. I really love my 2-look gown. Mel is a genius and a very giving person. Her whole team was with me 100% and Ms Pia on my wedding day was a great hand. I love everyone at Mel Orlina Couture. I will forever treasure this wonderful masterpiece.
My bridal gown - church look

Groom and Fathers' Suit: Cornell's Tailoring (contact: Mr. Jojo 09052153469) 4 out of 5
Working with the family-run tailor shop was humbling. I stumbled upon Cornell's store because of a friend's recommendation. I had my dad's tuxedo made here as well as R's suit. They are very down-to-earth and highly experienced. Working with them has been okay, we just had a few issues with the scheduling, but overall they delivered amazingly. I truly appreciated them reserving the specific cloth and color that we wanted. It was initially sold out and we were prepared to choose another style' but amazingly more batches came in time and R had his suit made the way we want it. R got his suit as early as March, they just needed 1-2 months. 
Mr So's 'perfect blue' suit
Entourage Suits and Gowns: Weddings by Desino Dulce (contact: Mr. Andrew Melliza 09173126469) 5 out of 5
My entourage + mother of the bride + grandmother of the groom were dressed by my friend Andrew. It was a struggling feat to accomplish since we had more than 20 people to dress up. With all the conflicting schedules and different tastes, we were able to complete all custom requests by everyone just in time for the wedding. I am forever grateful to Desino Dulce for always having my back for these important events of mine.

Shades of blue + Gray
Flowers and Reception Styling: Fullblooms by Inah (contact: Ms. Inah Hubillar 09272962527)
5 out of 5
Ate Inah (as I call her) is another one of my guardian angels. She was a great calmer. She was able to address all my crazy concerns and worries. She was very efficient and effective to work with. I truly appreciated that I only needed to give her a budget and she made my dreams happen. Not everyone can do this. She was also involved in our prenup shoot and provided the flowers we used for our final set. She handled the VIP entrance, church styling, flowers of everyone, and couple stage.

VIP Table by Fullblooms
Reception Foyer Styling: ARC Interiors and Events (contact: Ms. Razielle Dionisio 09175229113) 5 out of 5
We booked Raz just about a month before the wedding. Raz was very easy to work with since I just gave her my budget and preference. She was able to come up with the snack bar setup and photo wall all within my requirements. I really liked that she is always level headed and practical. All the guests enjoyed the snack bar, we just hoped people utilized the hand painted photo wall as well.

Coordination: Stylescape by Sarah Abalos (contact: Ms. Sarah Abalos 09178658991) 5 out of 5
I really have trust issues especially if I do not see anything tangible. I thank God for Sarah. She was able to keep me calm and sitted during the wedding, I truly appreciated all the prayers she gave me before,during, and after the wedding. She was involved already since 2015, and she was the one who styled me during my Prenup. Back to the wedding, I really liked how she styled the registration table, it was aligned to the overall feel that I like. Her team was very professional and patient. I really liked how they were able to adjust and make sure that everything ran according to the set time. This event was successful because of what her team did. Thank you Stylescape.
Registration Table (Styled by Styscape Sarah Abalos)
Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Gold Magtoto (contact: Ms. Gold Magtoto 09189414529) 5 out of 5
I booked Gold in a heart beat. During our FB exchanges, I loved her immediately. She was a great inspiration, a strong mom/wife, and an avid follower of God. She dolled me up during me prenup and I looked like model. She and her team was superb. Special shout out to Dom for my hair and second look. During the wedding day, she arrived before everyone else. She told me stories, we talked a lot...and that really calmed me down. I did not even realize that people were pouring in the room by 9AM. I really loved the bubble that Gold setup for me so that I can remain calm and happy. I truly enjoyed working with Gold and I know God will bless this woman immensely for her heart. She is very amazing, she made me look like a woman. <3 I love my church look.

First Look

Video: Treehouse Story (contact: Ms. Denise Ang 09158430551 and Mr. Patrick Benitez) 5 out of 5
I love the whole process with them, and they even gave me the SDE cd on the wedding day. I cannot wait to see the whole video recording. I look forward to working with them again.They were able to tell our story and they made us feel relaxed which was really important. They are truly the best videographer out there.

Photo: Metrophoto (contact: Ms. Shiela and Mr. Oly Ruiz 09209130299) 5 out of 5 
I enjoyed the process with them, they were able to deliver a great same day photo slideshow. They did not fail to deliver amazing photos. I am just waiting for the photobooks. I look forward to working with them again. I am truly honored to be a metrophoto bride, the experience was once in a lifetime. I learned a lot from Oly and his team. I wish them all the best as they soar higher and higher in this industry.

PhotoMan: Frap events (contact: Mr. Neo Gunda 09217467579). 3 out of 5
We booked them in a rush since our initial supplier backed out due to an emergency. I am thankful that they accommodated us at a short notice, but then their output was really poor. I really do not recommend them because of how a staff of theirs was dressed at a formal event (I was told he did not look professional), some shots they took were really blurred or not everyone can be seen (this for me is really bad taste), the output was delivered via an under performing carrier that the CD was given almost 2 weeks later and with cracks, and lastly they did not maximize the time we booked them. Sir Neo told me that majority of the guests did not want to be taken photos of, I felt that they should have asked other guests instead. I did appreciate them taking some photos of the event at least. They also made use of my sister-in-law's template which I loved. For 2 photomen booked for 3 hours with a shooting/printing speed of 30 seconds, 135 photos is not acceptable. I am thankful for their service but I will no longer book with this supplier anymore.

Host: Darlene Tan Salazar (contact: Ms Darlene 09178503826) 5 out of 5
The reception programme would have been very poor in taste even with the greatest of decor. We are really glad to have Darlene in our squad. She was very experienced and I was very comfortable during our online meeting calls. She was very direct and organized which was very important to me. I loved how she carried the programme and called shots as needed. She was very talented and smooth. I really recommend her.

Lights and Sounds: Sound Level (contact: Ms. Ela Dominguez 09175764393) 5 out of 5
The ballroom was alive thanks to Sound Level. Ms Ela has been very gracious and patient with me as I finalized the services that I will need from her company. I was really thankful to have worked with her since I know she has everything in control. There were no slip ups or missed cues on the event. And I thank Ms Ela for using her magic. 

Entertainment: Sound Salad (contact: Ms. Nina Comsti 09279092967) 5 out of 5
You can never go wrong with Sound Salad. They entertained and wooed the audience with their music. I really loved working with their band manager Nina. She was able to stir me in the right direction and the day went by without a glitch. I loved her band's personality, they are well dressed and professional. I look forward to working and seeing them again. 

Invitation: Yanna's Printshop (contact: Mr. Aldrin 09480934151) 5 out of 5
Designed by my sister in law
We are grateful for Sound Level for introducing us to Yanna's Printshop. We booked them by Feb and they were able to deliver by March. It was a gruesome 1 month of waiting, printing, and delivering. But they were able to deliver at the agreed upon date with the best price. They are located in Recto and have side street parking. I suggest though for you to have a driver if you will go to their office. I highly recommend this supplier because of their speed and price. They deliver when they promised. 

Candles: Trinkets & Favors by Designs Avenue (contact: Jan Ojeda 09399075560) 5 out of 5
I was referred to Jan by one of my married friends. She had her unity candles made by her as well. I am grateful for Jan and how she executed my Unity Candle set. Just the way I want it. She is also a events coordinator, you can check out her page at www.facebook.com/DesignsAvenueEvents.

Preservation of Gowns and Flowers: Timeless Bridal Memories Preservation (contact: Ms. Verge 09398324777) 5 out of 5
I stumbled upon Miss Verge's business during one of my sleepless nights. I was constantly wondering how I can keep my gown until next time. God bless Ate Verge for responding to my inquiries at the best of times, she was patient for my response when I finally booked her for preservation of my bouquet and gown. We met at solaire the day after the wedding and I got my preserved items 5 weeks after. It was great doing business with you Ate Verge. God bless you!

With Miss Verge

Hair: Design Studio Salon (contact: Ms. Camille 09199997622 and Mr. Chris) 5 out of 5
A week before the wedding, my mom, R and I had our hair dyed. We only went to Design Studio since they are the ones who dyed our hair as well for the prenup. We loved their service and now officially see them as our go to place for hair coloring. They did not fail me. I loved our hair after and even up to now. I will go back again after our honeymoon for a fresh new look.

Shoes for the Bride: Payless
Got by bridal shoes withour breaking the budget. Had Mel Orlina embellish it so that it matches my gown. Loved it!

Shoes for the Groom: Sledgers 
Bought the groom's shoes at Rustans. Loved the classic look of it, plus its comfy. 
Accessories for Bride: Mel Orlina Couture (contact: Ms. Michel and Ms. Pia)
Mel gave me pillows, bible, garter, arrhae, veil, and cord.
Accessories of Groom: Rustans
Bought the groom's socks and bowtie at rustans, a few days before the wedding.

Tokens for Godparents: Rustans
Tokens for Pastor and Dads: National Bookstore
Tokens for Mothers: Fullblooms by Inah (contact: Ms. Inah Hubillar)

Bridal Registry: Weddings and Beyond by Rustans
Registry listing and acquiring was easy. We got our gifts a week after our wedding. 

Surrender. Guard.
Boils down to happiness
The entire wedding day went by so fast that I barely felt it. I remember packing and staying up late to ensure that I have all things labelled and ready for transport come April 16. April 16 morning, R and I went to Dra. Co to get our teeth cleaned for the big day. Then we went to Trinoma to buy some stuff from Mercury and Skin. We then went to Solaire checked in my bridal prestige suite, unloaded and accounted for all materials to be turned over the next day. The room was so beautiful, it has big glass windows overlooking the bay, it was really breath-taking. The living area was huge that it can fit around 20 people comfortably, then restroom was very beautiful and spacious. I loved the walk in closet. Then there was a lovely delicious looking cake waiting by the dining table with warm wishes from the COO. I loved the hospitality. We barely had time to eat dinner (bought take out from the food court Nasi Goreng) at a nice pace, rushed dance practices, and squeezed my brain and heart for vows. I slept at around 11 PM and woke up at 2 AM April 17 2016 to continue writing my vows. By 4:30 AM, I was only done with my vow for my parents. I was loose and anxious since 6 AM, my hair and make-up artist will arrive. Gold arrived around 6:30 AM and once she settled down, I took a shower and went to Fresh to eat my complimentary breakfast buffet. By 7:20 AM, I was back at my suite, getting my hair set. Then Gold called me and started working on my makeup, by 9:30 AM I was dolled up. 
Ballroom before all the drama

My TayoTayoFamBam Practicing the Group Dance
My Family
Treehouse, flowers from Inah, relatives, and my coordinator team was already in the room. The room was noisy. Thank God, my MOH was on top of things. Soon after Metrophoto team was in the room. I was busy writing my vows for R. I just could not focus with all the happenings and noise. Metro and Treehouse called me for shots with me in my red chinese robe. Gold was kind enough to add extensions to my hair to make it look prettier in video. R's best man knocked and came in the door to give me R's gift. I was surprised to receive the stitch popcorn keeper and a necklace from R. Afterwards, I was allowed to eat brunch while I was completing my vows. Then I was helped by Mel's team led by Ate Pia in getting into my gown. Metro and Treehouse was there to capture the moments. It was surreal fitting my gown for what it was meant for. After the quick shoots, I was surprised that we were running late. It was already 1:00 PM when we left Solaire. We failed to perform the other chinese rituals like father combing my hair or mother picking up a red fan. I was completing the last sentence of my wedding vows inside the bridal car. 
With my ladies
By 2:00 PM I was already standing by the church door waiting for the coordinator's signal to come in. My gown was strangely too long that day, I kept stepping on it and I had a hard time walking down the aisle. But overall, it felt really emotional walking alongside my parents and seeing the man of my prayers. I had a hard time breathing seeing him and letting go of my mom. Soon after I was in front of the altar with the pastor giving us his words of wisdom. The feeling was strong. Seeing all those people who we love and respect in front of us as witnesses of our promise to God. Pastor Jonathan gave a lot of wonderful words. The most crucial that stuck with me was, I should SURRENDER to R as my God's representation and R should GUARD our marriage. We should LEAVE, CLEAVE, and WEAVE. Prioritize the relationship and do not sabotage your partner. When we gave our speech for our parents, I cracked when I mentioned how grateful I am for my mother. I really am. Then when Pastor Jonathan asked us about our promises to one another, i was starting to cry when R answered "I do", and my voice was cracking whenever I said "I do". When it came to our own individual vows to one another, I was crying already. I did not expect to cry but I was too emotional and happy to stand in front of everyone to declare that finally we are taking this leap together. I could not explain the feeling but I felt God was present. I felt He was blessing our union. I truly wish and will do my best to do my calling and purpose in this limited life. When we exchanged rings and then kisses, all awkwardness was removed...and somehow I remembered Adam and Eve. I no longer feel embarrassed to express my love for R. I do not feel judged nor do I feel naked in front of people. I felt free and I felt God's blessing. It was really joyful. We took pictures with our family and friends. Then we walked down the aisle together as a couple for the very first time. We took a few shots outside the church and went to Solaire as Mr and Mrs So. I was bubbly and happy that the day is almost over. 
On the way to church
Friends at church

Groom walking down the aisle
We were rushing about and went to my room again so that I can change my woman stuff. (It was my 2nd day, praise God it did not hurt like it usually do). Then we went to Finestra for some quick shots with Metro and stepped out for the video shots with Treehouse. By 6:30 PM, we were rushed to a Forum room for the tea ceremony. I poured and served tea to R's elders and they gave me a red envelope in exchange. It only took 5 mins. By 7:00 PM, we were eating dinner at the holding room. By 7:10 PM, I was getting my hair and makeup done by Dom. By 7:30 PM, we were all ready. But we were asked to wait until 8 PM since most guests have not arrived yet. R and I decided to practice our dance inside the holding room. Great thing our guests were already seated and they were filled by the snack bar prepared by ARC. By 8 PM, we were lined up by the ballroom door and one by one walked inside the ballroom. 

PhotoWall by ARC
Ballroom entrance by Fullblooms
Trivia Games for Guests during the wait time

Snacks by ARC
Snacks by ARC

The wedding programme was full of energy, from the choice of music to the dance entrance of the entourage to the many giveways given...you can certainly feel the happiness of the occasion. We served 10 dishes all in all, best chinese food by Solaire's Red Lantern. Our dear host Darlene Salazar and live band Sound Salad led by Igor and Camille was superb. Music genre varied across generations, but mostly revolved around One Direction haha. Our stage design by Fullblooms was nothing short of amazing. Our lights, sound, and LED screen were all positioned perfectly. Even our complimentary cake from Solaire was gorgeous!!! We loved every single bit of it. Our photomen were very diligent in taking the photos of our guests. Our dear coordinators were great in performing their duties and making sure things were running smoothly. My dear personal coordinator (Miss MJ Bordan) thank you very much for being with me through thick and thin. The reception ended around 10:30 PM. R and I stayed at the ballroom to finish the turnover from the Solaire banquet, we were able to go to our room almost 12 midnight. We woke up hungry and ate our complimentary breakfast. We were met by Ms. Verge at around 12nn for my bridal gown and bouquet turnover. Her company will be cleaning and preserving my wedding items so that it can still be usable after 50 years. Afterwards, R and I proceeded in cleaning out the prestige suite and gift items to be brought to our house by the driver; while R and I checked in another complimentary deluxe suite for another night. Our stay there was just what we needed, we stayed in our room...slept whole day...and ate the left over food from the wedding (while watching masterchef). We woke up and packed up on April 19, met with Ms Sherin to close off any pending items from the wedding, and finally bid our farewell to Solaire. 
With my HS loves

Ballroom Styling by Solaire
With the cake!
with great friends
Staying in Solaire was great. It will always be a memory that R and I will treasure. We truly enjoyed our mini escape from the hassle of life. Among everything, we truly loved the hospitality of Solaire and the cheerfulness of the employees.  
Ready to leave the prestige suite
Cake from Solaire
Entrance of Prestige Suite
Free pralines from Solaire!
Message for me
Living area
Our theme mostly revolved around color. We stuck with shades of blue and crystals. We were aiming for classy and timeless. And I am very proud to say we achieved it, whenever I see screenshots of our wedding I can say it was a success. Thank you for everyone and their warm wishes. Please continue to pray for us as we walk through this journey. 

Guest Table
Topper Cake

cake by solaire

Couple Stage By Fullblooms
Couple Stage By Fullblooms
Couple Stage By Fullblooms
Couple Stage By Fullblooms
Couple Stage By Fullblooms
thank you for the presents!!! <3
Things Turned Over to Miss Verge


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Everything was spot-on perfect at our wedding. And this was due in large part to their manager and the amazing staff from wedding venues nyc. Very professional staff, incredible food, spectacular view and when you felt like a guest at your wedding it cannot get any better.