Thursday, May 26, 2016

Where to stay and where to eat in Baguio

After the Mt Ulap hike, we were so excited for the next leg of our adventure. FOOD TRIP. I have always been a fan of hot chocolate or batirol chocolat, so I was so excited to finally go to baguio to try its several hot chocolate options. 

Disclaimer: I have only been to Baguio less than 10 times and this is the only trip that I really sought out food places. This is merely an entry to narrate the places on where we ate at and my feedback of them. I am more than happy to try more new stuff when I come back. 

Before anything, just wanted to share where we stayed at. We booked via Agoda. We booked a family suite for P4725 at Albergo Hotel. Its located at No. 1 Villamor Drive, Brgy. Lualhati, Outlook Drive, Baguio, Philippine. We got 2 rooms, 1 room with 1 queen bed and another room with 2 single beds, then a common area with sofa + kitchen + dining table. We even got 2 complimentary breakfast vouchers.  Breakfast was plated. I just chose a light meal since I wanted to eat outside.

huge canteen area
bfast menu
2 single beds
cute towel creatures

bfast menu

Hotel lobby
For dinner, we went to Ketchup Community at Romulo Drive, Pacdal, Baguio City (in front of Wright Park). Which was just 5 minutes away by walk from our hotel: Albergo Hotel. Ketchup Community is an open area that houses several restaurants that serves different cuisines. There is Canto (known for ribs), Happy Tummy (thai cuisine), Rancho Norte (filipino food), Green Pepper (pasta dishes), and Rumah Sate (Indo-Malay food). At first we wanted to eat at Canto for the ribs, and as we normally do in Manila we looked for a waiter inside the resto to take our reservation. But we were told that we should just seat outside and that is the line, no need for us to get listed. We did not know how things worked and by the time we went outside the line was already long. We were okay to wait to try the ribs that people were raving about, but sadly after 30 mins of waiting we were told that all ribs were sold out. We then decided to move to Rumah Sate. We were immediately seated down and the waiter took our orders, but the food was served not too fast. It took about 20-30 mins before we were able to eat. Sadly the food was not that great. The best-selling Laksa was not that spicy and it only had very few "toppings" that made the price quite high. I still preferred the Bugis Laksa that is only P220. I ordered the Nasi Lemak P190, which was one of my favorite dishes. Sadly, they did not do much justice to it. I did not like like the taste and it lacked a lot because it was missing the spicy paste that I like. The satay and grilled pork was nothing spectacular too. The Nasi Goreng was okay and it was the only food we ordered that made sense. Overall we had a filling meal but the dishes did not make us want to eat here again for the food.

Cool center piece/pillar

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Goreng
For brunch, we headed over to Tsokolateria. Its near SM and has lots of parking. Its outdoor and garden style feels. We took a long time to order since everything looked really good. haha. Even the menu is too cute. Overall it was a good experience. I will come back to try more of their dishes. I liked their Chocolate-Eh (bitter).

Malunggay pasta - very creamy YUMMY
Crispy choco balls - not good. tastes like donut.
Bill comes with built in calculator on the folder thing

where the magic happens?
My mushroom risotto
Mushroom risotto. I liked the chocolate vinaigrette. the risotto was yummy but eventually became too much for my taste.
Pork belly - Meh

Chocolate- EH
Frozen Hot Choco - Too sweet for me
what better way to enjoy chocolate with the one you love

For merienda/snacks, R and I went to Choco-late de Batirol. I went ahead and tried their Traditional blend P95 while R tried their cold drinks. It was indeed nutty in taste. Overall, I prefer the Tsokolateria Chocolate-Eh. I think it is to my taste more. The place had an outdoor garden feel, some even have their own kubo. I did not get to try their meals, but Danny was able to try their Bistek and the portioning was a bit too little for the price. They also had take out goodies, like nuts and jam. They used to have those cocoa seedlings, but sadly they do not sell those anymore.

Bistek Meal

On our way to Good Shepherd, we came across Kiwi Bakeshop and we have learned that they are known for their Kiwi cake. We decided to stop and purchase their last slice of Kiwi Cheesecake. I bought some of their best selling bread for my grandmother as well. Their cheesecake was okay, but it did not leave any impression on me. I do not fully understand why this cake stood out. But I did like their staff though, they were helpful and accommodating.

Our last stop before going home, would not be a Baguio Trip without some good shepherd goodies. The lines were insane. Good thing the place was really organized that they have separate lines depending on the number of items you buy; also they have this write-down-your-order-first-before-falling-in-line which I think hastens the processing of order since people know what they want to buy already before hand. So its just a matter of getting the items ordered and clients pays for it. No longer thinking in front of the cashier. I bought ube jam, strawberry jam, lengua, and cashew brittle. They also have a cafe that sells fresh bread, I bought some pesto bread for my family. Then took some photos with the Stations of the Cross area.

By 4 PM, we were on our way down. I think I ate too much at a short amount of time that I felt car sick the whole trip going down. (rare for me) I had to sleep every now and then so I don't vomit. T_T So reminder to people like me, remember to eat only within the means of your body. DO NOT LET THE EYES take in more than it should. Besides that, I am excited to come back to baguio again and try the several korean restaurants that I saw. Yahoo!