Monday, July 18, 2016

Cleanenergy Center, Bay Laguna - Learn about energy for free

Last October 16 2015, my previous employer had a field appreciation day. We went to the Cleanergy Center.  Its located at the Admin Compound of MakBan Geothermal Power Plant in Bgy. Bitin, Bay, Laguna. It is focused on renewable energy education through the use of audio visual presentations, interactive displays, and a tour of a working geothermal power plant. They have site engineers to narrate and guide us through the area. Initially we were met by one of their office staff and she was explaining to us what was the history of the area and the center. Admission is FREE, you just have to contact the Cleanergy Center how to book your visit. They do not accept walk-ins. You can check or email them at

Welcome to the cleanergy center!
Our Hostess

Wear hard hats outside the center
Power Plant
Lots of steam behind me
The coolest part of the tour was seeing the site with lots of steam. It was really surreal, they were extracting the steam from the center of the earth (or somewhere down below). The machineries used in the plant was really old yet complex. You can clearly see that they need more funding for upgrades. One of the operation manager told us that they used to generate a lot of power, but as the years progressed, they produce less and less steam. He even mentioned the need for the country to find more sites where they can get more steam. Else the plant will slowly die of drought. It's also quite depressing to know that people nearby steal the materials of the plant, which is why you will see missing parts on the way to the center. The tube' parts are missing.

I look forward to see more funding for renewable and/or clean energy in our country. We definitely need it to lessen our spending and waste. I highly suggest a visit to this site for appreciation of energy. Go with kids or friends. 

many times of renewable enegry sources

build your own windmill

Activity area to educate people through fun

paddle like you mean it! produce energy

security is strict

Tubes are integrated with the city

make sure to wear closed shoes, or else giant ants will bite you
Site Engineers explaining how the plant works



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