Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Taipei 2011 - 5D Itinerary

Last November 26 2011, my friends and I went to Taipei. It was my first time and it was really exciting since we will be seeing a good friend who was studying in Taipei at that time. We flew via cebu pacific and we arrived at an inconvenient time that getting to the main city was a hassle. We waited for a bus to take us to Taipei Hostel. Taipei Hostel was a decent enough lodging. The sheets and room did not smell that fresh but it was comfortable enough. 

Taipei has a lot of underground stores/malls which was really convenient since Taipei Hostel was very close to a train station. Almost every street in Taipei has a Milk Tea Store. It really is a staple in Taipei.

The interesting thing about this blog post is looking through the multiple photos taken back in 2011. It was interesting how my friends and I grew, and how my style changed. I remember the whole trip did not cost very much and it was a fun place that I want to go back to. I still want to see Carton King and the Elephant Mountain. Taipei's impression on me was the food and merchandise were really varied and economic; it was also a good place for nature lovers since they had a lot of parks. Locals were friendly and helpful. We took buses mostly around the city and took the train to go to Ping Xi.

November 26 2011: Yehliu Geopark > Keelung Night Market > Ximending

We started of our day by taking the bus to Yehliu Geopark. There was a nearby bustop near the hostel which was very convenient. It was quite a long trip, good thing the buses were large and the seats were comfortable. I slept most of the ride and when I woke up, we were at the Geopark ready to meet the Queen. Yehliu Park is known for the Queen's Head. It is a national rock formation that has a shape of a queen's head. There was a long line for photos, we decided not to fall in line anymore and use the time to walk around the park. It was cloudy and there were a lot of tourists. Good thing, it did not rain hard. We took the train and went around the Keelung Night Market. Taipei's night market does not disappoint, it was really cool. So many variations of food and other neat stuff. It was a great fun walking around the stalls.

November 27 2011: Jianguo Flower and Jade Market > Sun Yat Sen Museum > Taipei 101

It was a very eventful day. We went around Taipei to look for cool experiences. We started with the flower and jade market. We saw a lot of handmade products and even dogs. We did not buy anything. Then we went to Sun Yat Sen Museum to further understand the Taiwanese culture. Took photos with the different statues and items. By evening, we went to Taipei 101 and enjoyed the night view. We even reached the top view deck, but sadly since it was night time we could not do jump shots. We even had a police officer stop us. Overall,  it was a great day with awesome friends. 

November 28 2011: Bitan Scenic Area > Yangmingshan Park > Danshui Fisherman's Wharf

We took the train to Bitan Scenic Area where we ate our brunch with friends. It was one of my favorite snacks from 7 eleven. Love their rice ball. Then we went to Taipei University to meet with our friend. Then we rode the bus together to go to Yangmingshan Park. We hiked and walked a long time before we saw the flower clock. haha. It was really tiring, hot weather and long directions. We took the bus back to the main city to head towards Danshui Fisherman's Wharf. For dinner, we went to a nearby noodle stop. After dinner, we went to the fisherman's wharf for some photos.

November 29 2011: Jiufen > Ping Xi Lantern Release

My favorite day. We went to Jiufen and it was really amazing. I love how the stores were aligned to one another. We even had tea on a store while looking at the amazing view. Then after we looked around the shops. We took a long train ride to Ping Xi where we released lanterns. We wrote our wishes on the paper lantern and flew them on the train tracks. It was a surreal experience but one that ended too fast. By the time we left Ping Xi, it was already night time. 


November 30 2011: Miniatures Museum of Taiwan > National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center > Long Shan Temple

For our last day, we went to a Miniature Museum. It was really cool and overwhelming, we saw a lot of neat displays. It is really amazing. We also went to the Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Center to know more about Chiang Kai-Shek.